Is Tucker Carlson a Zionist Shill? Remember the USS Liberty, because he won’t. (June 8, 1967) – Students of the Hermetic Sciences

To the American people, today is June 8, 2022, the 55th anniversary of the Israeli massacre against the USS Liberty. Israel murdered 34 Americans and wounded 179 servicemen. No major political representative in this country has ever or will ever speak on this subject out of fear of Israel.

To prove my point, take Tucker Carlson, he is the “cash cow” of FOX NEWS. He will speak with such passion on Immigration, Antifa, Black Lives Matter, Abortion, Obama, Biden, Critical Race Theory, the “Great Replacement Theory,” gun rights and the man on the goddamn moon.

Tucker has been on FOX NEWS since 2016, but has never ever, nor ever will mention the USS Liberty out of fear of his Zionist Masters. This makes Tucker Carlson a “Zionist Shill.”
Tucker Carlson is nothing more than Alex Jones 2.0, just an actor telling people what they want to hear and preying on the fears of those who feel their voice is not heard.

Until he points out the Zionist Jews who are responsible for all of these fears, real or imaginary, Tucker Carlson is nothing but a goddamn fraud. He can’t say the “Elite,” not the “one percent,” not the “Globalist,” not “Democrats,” but “Zionist Jews.” He must call them out.
He could have honored the survivors today by having them on his show to tell their story. Tucker Carlson showed us today who he really is, Cuck for Israel.


Below is a documentary about the USS Liberty by Pastor Rick Wiles of “TRUNEWS,” with very rare footage and testimony of those who lived it.
You will see how close Israel brought us to Nuclear War with the Soviet Union.


This is the Shit Bag Israeli General, who gave the order to sink the USS Liberty.


Just 8 days before, this Motherfucker had our servicemen Murdered to get us into a war with Egypt.

Fuck this Israeli Cock Sucker!!

 “Sacrificing Liberty” DVD Docuseries. Website

Hannity Whispered: “What are your orders, my master?”

Tucker Carlson can meet with Benjamin Netanyahu’s  Son, but not survivors of the USS Liberty.

And there you have it…

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