Will Tucker Carlson mention the 55th anniversary of the USS Liberty Massacre by Israel this June 8th, 2022? – Students of the Hermetic Sciences

Pastor Rick Wiles

Pastor Rick’s YouTube Channel was taken down by the Zionists for telling the truth about who runs America.

In this episode Pastor Rick has the guts to tell the American people what Israel did on June 8th, 1967

(This was also deemed as Antisemitic)

 Also Pastor Rick mentions the murder of President Kennedy, I’m also working on a post about that.

Yes, the Zionist Jews murdered Kennedy because the President told them straight, you are not getting any Nuclear Weapons.

Under orders from Head Zionist David Ben-Gurion, the Mossad in collaboration with Zionist spies in the U.S. Government had Kennedy Murdered.

There’s only one other President to ever stand up to Israel…can you guess who it was?

There’s only been two. Kennedy and…


Pastor Chuck Baldwin And USS Liberty Survivors

A Live Service Honoring The Crew Of The USS Liberty

Pastor Chuck Baldwin’s YouTube has been taken down off and on because of his love of God and America and would tell the truth about Israel in his sermons.

Pastor Chuck because he’s not afraid, to tell the truth, is also called “Anti-semitic.’


Moshe Dayan (1915-1981)

This is the Zionist Cocksucker, who gave the order to

Murder the crew and sink the USS Liberty.

(If Satan had a son)

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