I Designed a Time Machine and now, I need someone to build it for me. (2022) – Students of the Hermetic Sciences

 Well people, this has been a long time coming. I can actually say, that this is my life’s work, like out of some weird science-fiction movie, but this is all based on scientific fact. You guys know I hate going through these long-drawn-out explanations…So let me start from the beginning as I believe you may need certain pieces of information to help you in this endeavor.

So to begin with yes, I designed I real-life working time machine…Well, I guess a more accurate description would be a “Time Phone,” or “Kozyrez-Schmidt-Temporal Communicator.” LOL, a “Time Phone.”

This device will allow me to send messages into the past and receive them from the future. Yes, I know this is hard to believe and no, it’s not theoretical (I hate that word) it means bullshit to me LOL.

Theoretical means… “I don’t have an answer, so I’ll just make up some incredible sounding, unprovable, unable to fact check in any branch of mainstream science.” ie Bullshit.

So forget about all the theoretical garbage you’ve been told about how time travel or time manipulation works.

Hermetics is the most ancient science in this world, it is the very first science. So when I say, the ‘Old Science.” I’m referring to this science.

Let’s begin:

A lot of you have seen this next video, but I’m going to go a little bit more in-depth about what you are going to see.

In Hermetics, your consciousness is combined with 100% of all the work you do.

You are actually able to alter reality itself, and that includes the past, present, and future.

That was the very first video, that I ever did on using my consciousness in manipulating reality. My rhythmic breathing is me enhancing the energy that runs through my body, I’m not manipulating the birds, but manipulating the energy around them. This is why they are both affected at the same time. I clap, just in case some asshole tries to debunk it by doing a video reverse slow or something. I clap to show you that the “sleep” is artificial.

So, the stronger the control you have over your consciousness, the more of reality you will be able to manipulate.

The only other person that I know of, that has powers like mine, is a man who lives in Japan.

Kanzawa Sensei

While I had to train for my powers, his came from something in his mind that unlocked one day and that manifested as an explosion in his head, as he explained in the above video.

Kanzawa Sensei, makes a mistake in saying that the “energy comes from the center of his palm and makes contact with the animal…” This is not true.

He like myself, is distorting the reality around the animals, so again, whatever is going on, is going on inside the fields we are creating.

In my years of training and study, I’ve learned that, this form of energy can be controlled to a greater degree.

Long story short, when I found out that I could manipulate the reality around living beings, via cam, someone suggested that I try it via live cam. I began to test my powers to figure out, what I could do, and what I couldn’t. It seemed to work, anywhere in the world.

This live cam below was done in 2012 and I believe it’s in Japan. I’m in the United States.

I think I hadn’t too long had my powers, so I was practicing to see what I could do, how they worked etc.

The video below I think is in Japan, I started using commercials to see how long it would take for me to put an animal to sleep. I like using birds, and multiple animals, as these are hard to control. I use the commercials as a reference point. I put them to sleep, I stop until they are awake, then I put them back and let them go again.

I can’t just “influence” one animal at a time, remember, I’m not sending energy to the animal. I’m distorting the energy around it or in the vicinity. This is why Kanzawa Sensei, doesn’t not just pick one random animal out of the bunch, like me he can’t.

This next video is in, I believe Poland.

This next clip was from a post about Kanzawa, he has a school in Japan and does healing throughout the country and different parts of the world, but primarily at his school and seminars in Japan.

Someone did an experiment and found out that this energy can indeed pass through monitors as if they represent some form of other dimensions.

“Why don’t I heal like Kanzawa Sensei?”  He’s in Japan, I’m in the United States, if you even give a hint here about trying to cure Cancer or some form of treatment to cure or alleviate  an illness with out going through the medical establishment, you get a Cell or a bullet. Your choice.

I’d have to move to Brazil, Africa, China etc. LOL Fuck

Below: Kanzawa Sensei is explaining at a seminar on Chi energy. He is explaining to the audience about his time in the United States and being on the program, “Stan Lee’s Superhumans.”

I’ve found out in my own studies that this energy, not only affects videos, but photos as well.

Let me explain a little bit more.


This is a “Time Camera.” 

No, I’m not kidding, this camera, takes photos of information, yet to be seen with the physical eyes, but things that first make their appearance in the Akasha or the Mental or Spiritual Planes. These are things that are not yet, but will soon be. It also makes “Ghost Copies” of Organic Matter and materials that will affect Organic Matter.

Example of a “Ghost Copy.”

The Magnetic Fluid is like a Chalkboard. Whatever you write or imagine with your mind, soon manifests into reality. The mind is the Chalk.

Take this apple tree above. Each one of those apples have a different vibratory signature and the signature of the tree itself is also different. Radionics signatures are like fingerprints.

That means you can take a photograph(Ghost Copy) of a specific apple on that tree and are then be able to, using radionics to heal or destroy that specific apple, without harming any other life on the tree itself.


The German/Nazi Occult Masonic Lodge during the Third Reich.

Master/Teacher’s Franz Bardon’s account of how the “Tepahone” (Radionics Device) worked in the Occult Lodge, that tried to kill him.

This account is from my Edition of “Frabato.” 1982 First English Edition.


Master/Teacher Franz Bardon (1909-1958)


Adolf Hitler (1889-19??)

This next account is told by a man who met Adolf Hitler in 1938 and was taken to Hitler’s “Occult War Rooms.”

This is his account of what he saw. (1938)

My Point is, I’ve figured out that all of the old sciences, from the building and moving of ancient structures, to healing, and even war was done with the help of those who were able to control these energies.


Which brings me to my next video dealing with Time. I learned that, I was able to manipulate reality not only through space, but time as well.

It seems this “energy” (Magnetic Fluid) can’t tell the difference, in what is happening now, 10 hours ago or 10 years ago.

Just Amazing…

So when I found out that this was possible, I stopped using live video feed and only manipulated videos of animals in the past!! Crazy Right?!!

I did most of these experiments in 2016, the video is from 2014, so I went back in time 2 years.

I don’t know the person, never met or spoken with the owner of the video.

Take a look at the video, you’ll know it when you see it.

So Cool right?!! LOL

I looked in the comments, and no one noticed anything as far as I can tell…

Ok Brothers and Sisters, this is gonna get kinda crazy, so hold on. LOL

If, I was in 2016 and I sent a form of information back to 2014, when the video was first recorded?…Uploaded?…made, I had to have been there in 2014 already?…but didn’t complete the Loop until 2 years later in 2016?

Unless as I believe, this energy exists in the past, present and future all at the same time.

Remember reading the articles above about how photos carry the “radiations” or “Ghost Copy” of the real thing. I believe that, this now includes every video/film ever made. There is away to access, those images on film/video in the past.


It seems, when a Video/Film is recorded, it makes a “Ghost Copy” of the original environment/space and can still be accessed in the future…from the future?

The Shows below are 3 of my favorite TV shows that I grew up with.

“I love Lucy” Aired 1951

“The Honeymooners” Aired 1955

“The Andy Griffith Show” 1960

I grew up with those 3 shows, I still watch all the episodes. My point is, if the birds or animals were in those TV Show environments, I could still manipulate them from 2022!!


This means people… your Marriage Videos, your Graduation Videos, your Parties/Events, Special Moments etc. can still be accessed years after the recordings were made!!!!

The other anomaly associated with this energy seems to be the transportation of matter without any normal mechanical means associated with any of the known and accepted laws of physics (Teleportation)

In that experiment that Dr. Radin was speaking about, I was lucky enough to have been a participant. The only reason, I have a copy of my results is because I wanted to show what I scored to a friend of mine, so I did a few screen captures of my scores. Lucky for me because after the experiment was finished, all of the results were taken offline.

I ranked number 3 out of the Top 100 participants of 2014

1-21-2014 3-21-08 PM Top 100 participants of 2014 Online Research Labratory (2)

Out of the Top 50 Participants in the month of January of 2014, I ranked number 3

Top scores since the experiment started, I ranked number 9, I think out of a about nearly 7000 people. (Give or Take)

Out of the Top Participants of all Time, since the Program Started, I ranked Number 1 in 2014.


It’s because during those 4 sessions, you had to turn your ‘powers” on and off, but maintain a certain level of energy output. So the ones above who had the major high scores, could not maintain those same levels.

 Now to the good stuff. I figured out, from what I have learned through all of these years, that I can actually receive information from the future.

The only thing I needed to do was find a mechanical replacement for the animals in the videos in the past and have that mechanical replacement be able to receive and send me back information.

A company tried to design  mini REG machines, like the one Dr. Radin used in his online experiments for public use.

I gave the Company credit for trying, but it was too slow and in the end useless for what I needed, but in my circle this device is useless…and yes I have one. It’s dusty

The company tried again, with the “Mind Lamp.”


Let’s call it what it is. a Goddam Cash Grab. a $200.00 Lava  lamp. SMFH. Fuck Outta Here!

We all know what he did wrong.

It was done like this because they know their Bullshit device does not work.

If they were serious in measuring true consciousness, they would have made it so the device comes on, (LIGHTS UP) ONLY WITH A STRONG FOCUSED INTENTION. Not some Goddamn Strobe light LOL

So I gave up on this company and began to use what I’ve learned all these years. I need a device that can pick up major disturbances in consciousness.

Remember that device that Dr. Radin had? The Buddha that lights up with intention? This is what that Psyleron Company should have created.

I Purchased a Laser Tag Game, and recorded the Chest Plate, I then played the video back and using my powers, I tried to use the Pistol in conjunction to make the Chest Plate light Up.

After several tiresome experiments nothing happened.

I purchased a Geiger Counter, the Device worked, but it was slow and, I couldn’t distinguish between my powers and other terrestrial anomalous information that the device was picking up.

This is my proposition, I’m willing to make a trade for some one who can build be a device similar to Dr. Raidin’s Buddha or even the Psyleron Mind Lamp (but one done the right way)

My Trade: A full paper on how Time Really works and How in Conjunction with my powers, how you can send and receive information from the future.

I’m willing to a partnership as well, if the device works to further experimentation together.



1) How will I/You know if the device works? You will upload a 1 hour video of the device in the receiving mode (on) With the camera facing the device. Upload it to YouTube, and send me a Private link. I will look at the video and using my powers, I will try to make the device light up, like with Dr. Radin’s Buddha device.

2)FYI: If your device does work, you will know it, as it should like up in the present when you begin recording and begin to upload the video to me. So to me, it will be in the Past, but for you it will have already received my input from the future. So for you it should work immediately.

3)In the 1 hour video, I will mark segments in the video in which I will use my powers on to activate it. So if you have in mind to send me a fake video, with a device that just lights up randomly, you have already been outsmarted. LOL

4) No, I don’t want any money or funding to have it built. Imagine all the asshole frauds I’d have to weed through…no thanks I don’t want to deal with it.

So, even though I’m here in May of 2022, I could actually light up that Buddha if it were there back in 1955 with Jackie Gleason and the gang.

To me, I’d be sending information to the past, but for Jackie Gleason and the gang, they would be receiving information from the future.


If you need a little help in what road to take, you can start with the men who will one day be known as the “Fathers of Time.”

Dr . Nikolai Kozyrev (1908-1983)

Dr. Helmut Schmidt (21 February 1928– 2011)

A “Kozerev-Schmidt Temporal Communicator.”  (A Time Phone/Receiver)


Since you guys know about my being Blackballed from YouTube, I have to make my money the old fashion way, I have to work for it. LOL

So that leaves me little time for anything else, that I may want to do as far as Hermetics and research on this subject. So I really hate being beaten and you guys know  my temper…

Since the YouTube motherfuckers, have me in my current situation, I’ve figured out a solution that Youtube Google, is going to help me out with. 😉

This next video will explain everything.

If Kanzawa Sensei can put Humans to sleep as well, I should have those same powers…

So I realized, I may not have the cool Toys that  Kanzawa Sensei has at his disposal, but I do have the largest lab in creation…

If I can warp space and time…

The Whole of reality itself, is in my control.

I can send my consciousness to anywhere in the past or present.

I think for once, I’m going to have a little fun myself.

Remember, Kanzawa Sensei is just a healer, so to him, that sleep he produces is just sleep…a sorta neat trick.

I’m a Mage and have learned from some of the greatest minds in our science, so to me I know, that sleep is the mind waiting for new instructions…from its New Master.

I’m going to find out, how strong I really am.

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