Compound where Neo-Nazi Ukrainians worshiped Satan, destroyed by the Russians. (2022) – Students of the Hermetic Sciences

The video has subtitles and we know how accurate those are [Rolls Eyes] So, I’ll explain a little about what you’re about to see, and the rest will fall into place.

The Nazi group, the “Right Sector,” Yes, there are many Nazi Factions in Ukraine. They took over a house in an area, and made it a temporary base.

The local people didn’t really like them, but what were they going to do? The Neo-Nazis also worshiped Satan at their compound and routinely were engaged in ritualistic practices in homage to Satan with help in defeating the Russians.

The Russians destroyed the compound and in the aftermath some soldiers found the Satanic Paraphernalia, and just couldn’t believe it.

They called this guy(Priest/expert in such matters maybe) to help properly dispose of the dark magic items. They held up a framed photo of, I believe it’s a depiction of Mary as they later mention, “The Mother of God.” They use prayer and banish the Satanic influence over that area.

As you all know you can’t just throw these things away, the influence will still be there.

If any of you are acquainted with magic from the old Countries of Europe, you know that, when there is “magic” around, a flame will turn blue. (As You know an Odic Flame will appear blue as well) When they burned the material their was an aqua-blue color within the flame. Was it from the materials that were burned or was it as that priest/exorcist said and it was indeed Hell’s Flame?

That’s it in a nutshell

Mikhail Kurayev (Russian Screenriter)

Below is the movie he is referring to, in relation to the “Kurayev Movie” and to the candlestick holders

(The Box Art)

The Candle holders are sold on Amazon. (of course LOL)

and here. Sold out as well

This is my Time Magazine from 1972, had to look for it, but interesting story in it, I scanned one page of the article.

The Witches are pretty hot right? LOL. I’ve dated a few witches over the years, I still would…Anyway, in the article it mentions, “The Goat of Mendes.” It’s the same depictions as the photos above, it has many names and forms. Actually it even dates back to Egypt.

(That’s the masonic aspect, but that’s another story)

I posted this next story last week, but I’m using a clip from the footage that is relevant here. The Ukrainian Nazis Raped and stabbed a woman to death  who supported Russia or was Russian, and painted/carved a Swastika, in blood on her chest. The Zionist controlled American Media tried to blame the Russians, but the truth came out…again.

Before I knew about the Neo-Nazis ‘ Satanic Practices, I thought that woman’s rape and murder was just them being barbaric, but now I understand it was a ritualistic murder, a sacrifice to Satan, for help in winning the war.

The metal cast Demon’s face on the Altar/Table I’ve seen similar in some of my books. There is usually at least one in a coven/lodge that the members get their power from, and can be many, but too many is not good as it destroys what one is working towards.

All of these Demons have names, but the one(s) these Nazis worship, I have no clue, as there are so many different ones and kinds.

I’m sure when praying they call upon its name. This is only a representation.

Notice the woman and the sword at the bottom?



This is a text about the first “The Church of Satan,” in Ukraine.

The video will follow and will make it easier to decipher the subtitles.

There is so much more I wanted to add, but I just don’t have the time.


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