A Ukrainian and an Irishman, Embarrass America’s Narrative of the Russia/Ukraine War. (2022) – Students of the Hermetic Sciences



“Alley of Angels” in Donetsk, where 66 children

killed by Ukrainian nationalists are buried.



“Gorlovskaya Madonna”

There’s a reason we say…”Irish Balls.”

August 3, 2014 at the morgue of a hospital in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip shows the bodies of a baby and two children lying in an ice-cream freezer, killed along with other members of al-Ghul and Abu Jazar families when their houses were hit by an Israeli military strike. At least 10 people died as well in a fresh strike on a UN school in Gaza.

A man mourns over the bodies of three children from the Al-Tanani family and a fourth child, killed in a reported Israeli air strike, before their burial in Beit Lahya in northern Gaza strip, on May 14, 2021


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