Supreme Commander Zelenskyy, leads his Ukrainian NeoNazis against the Russian Army, while dressed in High Heels and leather. (2014-2022) – Students of the Hermetic Sciences

Zionist Propaganda




Instead of Fighting Russia, maybe Zelenskyy can challenge Putin to a dance off. Winner take all…LOL

Ukraine’s NeoNazi’s against the Russian Army. Epic! LOL

” In Soviet Russia, Music Dances to you.” LOL


I was thinking about something…those of you here who who see this can add some music to this and re-upload it to YouTube. I’m actually working on something myself. LOL



I call this, “Dual Frames.”

I cant make videos with copyrighted music, so I had an idea (Months ago) to do Music Videos with my Content but with an embedded video of the music I wanted below it.

Scroll until you see the play button on both videos.

Press the play button on the second Video and then the top one, as quickly as possible.

Scroll back up and watch the first video with the second video not visible.

Watch the Top screen and enjoy.


LOL “Dual Frames.”

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