Israel leads the world against Vladimir Putin. (2022) – Students of the Hermetic Sciences

If you do a search on this site and type in “Syria” or “Iran” you’ll see that everything that Israel does, is in relation to conquering these countries. Russia is part of that equation. Russia has been protecting Syria from Israel’s expansion in the middle east.

Zionist Jews have been waiting on their messiah to come, but he/it can not appear until several things have been accomplished. One of these things (As Jewish Prophecy States) is the conquering on the entire middle east.

As I keep saying, Iran and Syria are all that stands in their way of completing this task.

Russia has been protecting Syria…(Yep, a piece of the current puzzle)


Israel in true fashion is leading all the proxy countries it controls and is waging a political, financial, and media war against Russia.

This has been heating up for years, and while Putin is not Antisemitic, he knows the Zionist Jews are against him, and unlike the United States and other countries, Putin won’t turn Russia over to them. (They hate being defied)

 As an American, I wish our politicians thought like this.


March 2014

April 2014


September 2014


October 2015

August 2017

June 2018

Feb 2017


What President Truman really thought about Zionist Jews, by Pastor Rick Wiles


Dr. David Duke on the Israeli War Crimes in Palestine. 2014


This just goes to show you that the Russia/Ukraine conflict, is under Zio-Control.” For over 70 years the Palestinians have been Murdered, Tortured, Starved, Raped, Babies Killed, Children Killed and Pregnant women killed. Here in the U.S. You barely hear anything about this and unless one of the Zionists stubs their toe in the  Genocidal war against the Palestinians.

Now Zionist controlled news is telling me that there is some Humanitarian Crisis in Ukraine?!! I should help…Are you Fucking Kidding me?!!


If the media here in the United States (Controlled by Zionist Jews) is making Vladimir Putin and the Russians out to be the bad guys….it means they’re the good guys. It does beg the question…who then are the bad guys?


So when Israel starts to show you and especially the American people, all the supposed Videos of Ukrainians suffering…and how brutal Vladimir Putin is…






















The Child’s name is “Abu Namous”  I’ve seen the video, and the father, he’s in the Hospital screaming to his child. “Wake Up! Wake! I bought you a toy!” He had to be escorted out.

This is why the above video with Dr. David Duke, he’s pissed as he narrates the whole video, you can hear the genuine anger in his voice.

A Genocidal Massacre of the Palestinians occurred in 2014, Men, Women, Children, Pregnant Women, the Elderly, Babies, etc. BY ISRAEL.

Yet no one dares speak of it, as they know Israel will crush them.


I saw that photo and video years ago, and it’s something I never got out of my head…now you can remember too.

Especially when they push the narrative of how Ukrainians are “suffering.”

You think of that photo and remember that there are thousands more like it.

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