Ninel Kulagina “PK Princess” (1964) – Students of the Hermetic Sciences

Before I knew who the “X-men” were or what a “Mutant” was, I knew about Ninel Kulagina. Her Origin Story and my Origin Story are sort of, intertwined. If it were not for the early books I read about the  “PK Princess,” (My Nickname for her)

I can honestly say, I’m positive, I would have never combined or associated mainstream physics and science with the Hermetic Sciences, that I would learn later on down the road.

I’m fortunate enough to have many original books written by the Soviet Scientists who were there with Ninel Kulagina during her experiments.

You’ll hear, or read, ‘she was debunked..” “She was a fraud”…” She was found cheating.” All of these are lies and no proof anywhere, that any of those things happened or were proved true.

This is some James Randi bullshit…(May he not rest in peace)


James Randi, was a Liar, a Fraud, and a Cheat, all of which can be proven and I will be doing the honors soon.

My only regret is, I couldn’t take down that dirtbag while he was alive.

Anyway… Below is a short video I did to pay homage to Ninel Kulagina, the “PK Princess.” She made me the man I am today.


One of our Sisters

May She Rest in Peace

(30 July 1926 – 11 April 1990)

And Yes, I miss doing these videos. 🙂

FUN FACT: When I do videos and I have the music and clips I need to use. I do all of the editing in my head, while I’m working or doing other chores throughout the week, months etc, depending on how many different video projects I’m working on, until I’m ready to lay the tracks in real time.

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December 17, 2021 7:17 pm

Is it possible to help awaken or empower telekinetic abilities using Chinese medicine?

December 29, 2021 10:52 am

Thank-you! Maybe you could get in touch with someone like Dr. Jeffrey Yuen someday and brainstorm together . . . . . You mentioned seeing real ghosts – – – – Do you know anything about Menhirs? —– Lancelot: Is that what a holy place is? A helix that raises your spirit when you stand in it? Merlin: Yes. Many of our menhirs, our standing stones, are placed to mark them. And many of our ancestors have chosen to remain behind, in them, to speak the Voice of Heaven and Earth to us, their descendants. —– Essence is implicit in… Read more »

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