How the Roman Catholic Church Invented Christmas (1810) – Students of the Hermetic Sciences

I have always heard different versions of the origins of Christmas. I had it set in my mind for the last few months about what I was going to upload about this holiday and its significance to people all over the world, on the date given to worship the birth of the Christ Child.

What I was going to upload today has kinda gone sideways…LOL

The woman, I’ve been dating knows I’m not really a clothes person, a jewelry person, or a drinker. She knows that I game and I love rare books, so these are a few of the things she gave me. Books from the early 1800s and an Xbox, game gift cards, etc.

I haven’t opened the XBOX but have been thumbing through the books all morning. LOL



Puma Punku

Can you guys believe that some fools actually dynamited this place?!!  If it’s not the Church destroying history, then it’s idiot treasure hunters. So what we see on YouTube and the ancient alien idiots program, is not how this place was originally found…(That’s another story)

                          Side Note:                                  

Those of you who believe that the Trilithon blocks and other Megaliths, were moved and carved out by sound and acoustics you are on the right path…There’s a little more, but you’re close…(Thats another story)

You guys know me. LOL, I chose the books and she got them for me. I just couldn’t have them until Christmas day. I wasted no time going through them. I saw an early description of Puma Punku in one of them, along with things that the likes of Plato, Herodotus, Pliny, Socrates, etc. witnessed or what other philosophers saw in ancient times (Egypt, Greece, Rome etc.) or what the “ancients”  (Before the flood) created. JUST INCREDIBLE!!! (Fragments of the Old Sciences.)

I saw something in one of them, that made me change the post that I was going to upload today. it was allegedly, the History of how Christmas came into being.   

Merry Christ’s Mass 🙂

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