Whatever happened to Adolf Hitler’s and Eva Braun’s son and daughter? (1945) – Students of the Hermetic Sciences

I was supposed to upload this on April 20th, but I didn’t want to be associated with any assholes who did something stupid. Then I was going to do it on April 30th, but I got some overtime in. LOL

The short version is, Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun, had two children. In June of 1945, news articles said, the boy was 5, and the girl was 4 and that the allies were looking for them.

When Eva Braun’s photo album was discovered by soldiers in November of 1945, everyone thought that one of the children in the photos, “Uschi” (Ursula) was Hitler’s and Eva’s daughter. It turned out (According to Ummm American Historians) They were the children “Uschi” (Ursula) and “Gitta” (Bridgette) of Eva’s childhood friend Herta Schneider.  

Bridgette and  Ursula with Hitler and Eva



Herta and Eva

 Eva Braun, Gretl Braun, Herta Schneider, and Adolf Hitler with Bridgette and Ursula Schneider… (House keeper?)

I did a post in 2019 “Hitler and Eva were Engaged to be Married in 1938. (See a Rare Photo of one of her Engagement Gifts)”


I believe that Hitler and Eva were already married by 1940 and that the marriage/suicide was a Russian lie to fool Stalin on Hitler’s escape.


I did a post also on Hitler’s escape.



I believe everyone went along with the ruse that the two were married and then committed suicide to move on with their lives.


A Look Magazine from 1940

Three years later, same author getting information from a Russian-American spy (Narvig) who infiltrated Nazi circles. (1943)

wedding cert1

Ernst Zündel and another author, (Mattern) wrote a book in German and then had it translated into English in… 1974 I believe.  It was called “UFO’s Nazi Secret Weapon?” I have a copy.

Zündel was accused of being a convicted “Holocaust denier.”

 I know for a fact that all of this was a lie…but that’s another story.

He mentions in the book a story about Hitler, Antarctica and the Admiral Byrd expedition.




Jehovah’s Witness Magazine

Yes, both the Catholic and Christian churches sought to serve Hitler, with ambitions of saving souls…and coin, once  Hitler became master of Europe.

(A story for another time)


Also, most of the ancient magicians who conjured spirits and dealt in the occult arts, did practice their religion as well. Remember Hermetics is a science.


Oh, and the stories about Hitler wanting to destroy Christianity is a lie. He hated the crooks who ran the church, but not the religion itself. Nothing but another Zionist lie.

I believe that Hitler went to the German refuge in Antarctica. Why?  In Argentina there would have been too many traitors and turncoats. Hitler needed to be in a place inaccessible by the allies and protected by the German military personnel who were transported there early on. “The Last Battalion.”

He thought of everything.

“…Light will come again from the darkness.”

As to whatever happened to Eva and Hitler’s son and daughter.

In 2021, they will be going into their 80’s now, and maybe have had kids, grandkids, and even great-grandkids. 

There is one thing I’m sure that gives them solace, going to bed at night…Hitler’s offspring know, that their father, grandfather, and great-grandfather…he was right.

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