The First Airless Car Tire (1909) and (2019) – Students of the Hermetic Sciences

I just happen to see the video below by accident, not sure why it was in my YouTube recommendations. I watch people game, so was looking for something to watch and  help me relax. I saw the photo and name of the video and knew I had seen it before, but much earlier in history. 



So I clicked on it and it’s like I told you guys if you could see, some of the old articles on Science, History, and Medicine that could have and can help mankind, just hidden away, because there was/is no way of monetizing it yet, you’d be pissed. I’m not even joking.

This little post here may not be a big deal, but it gives you some insight into what I’m talking about.

Old Technology=New Money

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November 21, 2021 5:50 pm

if we want to invent or make something look at old achieves most things are lost because they cannot make money for the big companies a friend of mine back in 1965 made a car water injected four barrel carburetor that gave him 25 to 30 miles on a dodge hemi engine car when he tried to sell it a gas company offered and gave him $100 a month for life and never made the market and so it goes it happened to Tesla, enough said

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