Google and Amazon employees protest “Project Nimbus,” contracts that give Israel unlawful, powerful data collection technology. (2021) – Students of the Hermetic Sciences

That Zionist is correct…sort of.

Out of almost nearly 1.5 million employees, only a few hundred supported the letter, and this was done anonymously. Let’s be fair, the fear is real. You either have half that don’t care until it affects them or the other half don’t want to rock the boat out of fear of losing everything for speaking out, even anonymously.

This is not even about BDS, it’s about the brutal occupation of Palestine by the Israelis. That technology will be used to suppress the population even more by monitoring those who dare to try and rise up or speak out against their Zionist Masters.

This technology is just another tool in Israel’s growing arsenal to crush Palestine, and if you dare speak out, that technology will be used on you. This is why there is fear and no one dares to even whisper.


Let’s be clear here, if you are using WIX and you have “views,” Israel has all they need, from names, phone numbers, CC numbers and your friends names to “educate” you, just like they did  Congresswoman Tlaib.

This is one of the many reasons (and there were many) why Israel got rid of President Trump. President Trump did what he had to do for Israel, as all Presidents throughout the world have too, but he was too unstable when it came down to, America or Israel. He Chose America First.

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