Interview with a 100-year-old Nazi SS Captain (1913-2013) – Students of the Hermetic Sciences

YouTube content moderators, deleted another embedded video here…

so here is my response to get even.

(Hope it was worth it guys/gals)



Erich Priebke (1913-2013)

Keep in mind that the next black and white video footage was in 1960, fifteen years after the fall of Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich.

“Those Evil, Racist, Germans were defeated…”

“A lot of the footage shown here is not of Ruby and that should be clarified. For example the little girl in the car with the feds is Gail Etienne who was also 6 and the first to integrate a white public elementary. There’s also a video you show that’s not Ruby but another little girl named Leona Tate. There were four little girls who integrated McDonogh 19 Elementary School in New Orleans. Ruby Bridges integrated William Franz Elementary. I think you should mention all the names. Many people do not know there were other children.”

Before there was radical Islam, there was radical Christianity.



Hans Massaquoi, with his class in Nazi Germany.

A German mother and a Liberian Father.


As a matter of fact, he wasn’t the only one. (Saving for another post)

If Hitler and Germans were true racists, you would not want the younger children seeing this, as this would say, it was fine. You would put him in a school with those like him, not with Aryan children.

Like what the United States did.

Just in case if someone wants to say…

“How can you compare the “Japanese Interment Camp” to the Nazi Murder Camps!!!”

Ebay Auction Site

“A money order receipt in the amount of 50 Reichsmarks to a prisoner at the Dachau concentration camp near Munich. Postmarked December 12, 1940. In excellent condition. Priced to sell. Very nice postal history item. This was a money order receipt addressed to a Johan Lupinski, skilled workers and favored prisoners were allowed to receive food and other packages from friends and family as well as money with which to buy food and other goods on the camp commissary. Of great interest for the serious Holocaust and Judaica collector.”



Westerbork Camp


Buchenwald Camp


Prisoners working at a BMW plant 1943


Siemens Airplane Factory 1941

My emotions don’t dictate to me, only facts do.

Umm, you’re supposed to work together to get the story straight, that way it’s more believable. Who did what and where etc.

They were just following orders…



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October 3, 2021 11:20 pm

2)The magician drawss another inner magical circle around the medium and puts her into a deep magnetic trance. ( The original FS documents suggest that drugs- an incense made of hashish , for example might be helpful!) It is also noted that the room temperature should be very high. 3) The magician sits (In the lotus asana) to the right of the medium.He draws a small magic circle in front of himself and sprinkles seven drops of wine or other alcoholic spirit into the middle of the circle. By means of visualization, breathing, and mantric techniques ( using the u-… Read more »

October 24, 2021 2:45 am
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Is it possible to transmute objects into other things for example a tree into a animal and if so what fluid is needed and what sphere of reality needs to be affected,The mental,astral,physical,or aka?

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