Job offer Trade for Trade, Time Manipulation (2021) – Students of the Hermetic Sciences

Let me get straight to the point, people, brothers, and sisters.
I need a device created for me, and I’m willing to trade some valuable technical knowledge on ‘Time Manipulation.”

The device that I need created for me is called a “Random Number Generator.” They already exist, but I need one made for science experiments and not the ones pushed on the market, just for profit. Therein lies the problem. I looked at purchasing some, but all are utter bullshit. Seriously WTF?!

Here is a little Information RNG’s in case you don’t know what they are.

That should give you an idea of the technical aspects of these devices. Unfortunately, I don’t have $50,000 just lying around…LOL so I had to look for other alternatives on getting my hands on one of these devices.
Those experiments in Princeton were so popular, and there was so much interest, not just in the science community, but people who were interested in consciousness, healing, quantum physics, and the lot, wanted one of these RNG’s for personal use.

I wanted to run some experiments myself, so I looked online, and what I needed was not to be found. There was one by “Psyleron,” but this turned out to be useless for me as the output design is flawed.

You could focus on the device, but it was slow, and as I said, the output was wrong for what I needed. Looking at the photo (Not Mine) below, you had to try and raise the “randomness” above or below the middle line.

Now the “Psyleron” company made another device, but this one was close to what I needed, but again it fell short.
It’s called a “Mind Lamp,” which supposedly changes colors upon human intention or focus. You might as well, buy a ‘Mood Ring” like we had in the ’60s and ’70s, as I can’t see paying 200.00USD for a REG that just changes colors randomly.

So as you can see below, either the woman is a novice or the device is useless, as I suspect.

I say the “Psyleron” company came close because what I need is a device like Dr. Radin has. It’s a buddha that lights up with your intention.
It sits in a dark room, and when someone with powers focuses on it, it glows bright; this is the device that should be on the market, but I suspect these companies would actually have to fulfill their promise on its functionality vs. squiggly lines and random colors.

Why do I want this technology?

For those of you who know me, know that I cracked the code in the Hermetic Sciences that allows me to twist space and manipulate time with my thoughts.
You’ve seen the first video of my two love birds…(Both deceased)
of how I’m able to “twist’ space and, in turn, affect them both simultaneously. I clap to wake them up and then put them back to sleep, to show the assholes who would try and troll me that this is real.

The Video below, was not done live, but I went back two years.

This “energy” seems work even on videos already recorded, no matter how far back in the past. I’ve actually gone back 60 years, with a video I saw, that had a bird in it.  I did this one in 2016…I think, but the video is from 2014, so I was there two years before I even went. LOL

The Machine that I need will take the place of those animals.
Imagine having a recorded video dated 8/1/2009, and I looked at it today, 8/1/2021. I could make the light come on, but…if you were there in 2009, you would have seen the Buddha light come on, on that day. I would not see it for myself or even know that the video exists until it was shown to me in 2021 or even 2050. I would be sending information from the future.

In Business…Imagine seeing how a stock does in the future before anyone else—winners or Losers of Sports games. You can write your own destiny.

So questions could be asked on the video but looked at in a predetermined time in the future, with a question.

MILITARY in 2021: “Is the enemy occupying ****** area on June 8, 2025.”
SENDER: Getting his information from the Commanding Office on June 8, 2025, and sending back information on the same date. “No”
MILITARY in 2021 received information instantaneously, makes plans from information obtained from 2025

A RNG that lights up when in contact with a strong consciousness and can send information from the future, but only as far back as the machine exists.

This is the machine I need created for me, and as payment, I will share all I have learned on “Time Manipulation.” Some of it is ancient, but the others will be from some of the best English, Irish, Czech, German, and Russian physicists ignored by mainstream science.

I know the assholes will be plentiful, so let me say this. If you have claimed the creation of this device, you will upload a video with the device in the background. The video will be two hours long.


Like the video below, it’s from 2013, and the birds are in Japan.
I’m in the United States, so I’m over 6000 miles away.
Remember, distance is of no consequence; even if these birds were on the other side of the Universe, it would still work.
In the video below, I use my powers on the birds, put them to sleep just enough, then I stop. Once they are awake again, I use my powers on them again and put them back under. This was for me to be sure that my powers were real. You can hear me breathing and regulating my breath as I focus on them.

The commercials are points of reference for me. It lets me know, how fast I can “bend,” animals. It doesn’t seem to matter the size, as far as I can tell, the average is about 5- 6 min after start. The space stays distorted and makes it easier to repeat again. The “Linger Effect” or “Residuals.” This is why I hate using the same spot twice, but may come in handy in creating stable portals.


This is how I will test your RNG if you claim to have created one.
The device will take the place of the birds.

You are just running the machine in front of the camera. I will look at the video and I will focus on it at certain times, that I will mark throughout the two-hour video; if the points I select and focus on don’t light up, it does not work. If it does work, the device will light up with you there instantaneously when we agree I’m to look at it.


No, I don’t want money because it will bring out more fraudulent assholes, who’d just waste my time for gain, I’d rather have the device built or found.

If you can point me to a device, that I can purchase and it works, I’ll consider that as trade as well.




I bought one of these devices in 2014 when I found out that “Time Bending” (Retrocausation) was possible. I believed if I could influence videos in the past like I could do live videos, I could send myself messages from the future. The problem I had is that animals can’t talk, so I needed a way to send coherent messages myself. Something simple that involved just a YES or a NO.
This is the first device I tried out.

I made a video of the machine’s base and let the recording run for about an hour.
I made sure the headset was connected correctly and made sure it was turned on as the video ran. I came back, put the headset on, replayed the video, and tried to raise the ball in the video.

According to the Russian science papers I’ve read, I’m creating “Mini portals” with my mind. I believe the EEG signals aren’t strong or fast enough to connect from headset to base; through these “mini portals” like Dr. Radin’s device.


These are the next two ideas I have. The first is, buying a laser tag game.
If I record the laser tag receiver (Chest Piece), I may be able to playback the video and use the laser gun on it, and activate the chest piece through those mini portals I’m creating.

I'll be purchasing one of these in the several weeks. Will keep you updated.

My next idea, is to purchase a Geiger Counter, as this energy may be similar to a form of radiation. It does affect organic matter. If it can pick up this “radiation” it may be able to do it through the “mini portals” as well.

Hmmm. I think I may I may have figured it out. This one should work…

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August 3, 2021 2:19 am

Wow brother I did not know you could do it with videos that have already been recorded. You are amazing, don’t forget it. I wish you could instruct me personally so I could achieve the same powers you have achieved, I’ve practiced the Caucasian yoga but no powers as of yet lol. I have no idea what to co, where to start but I would love to have powers that would be awesome I’m glad I suggested you try live webcam streams in 2012 almost 10 years ago now… time flies keep up the good work brother and I wish… Read more »

August 6, 2021 8:11 am

Arthur: Is it true, grandmother, that your spells can part the mists of Avalon? Vivian: On occasion. Arthur: Can I part them? Vivian: Anyone can part the mists, young man, if they awaken the power. Arthur: You mean the faery power? Vivian: Yes, Arthur, the power that works outside of time. Arthur: You mean you can go to any time you please? Merlin: And any place as well. We all have the keys to the star gate that opens all times and all places to us. Arthur: Will we still be here, while we are there? Vivian: Yes, Arthur, though… Read more »

August 6, 2021 8:16 am

Pyth: I’ve talked with travelers from Sind (India) who seem to look at things the way that you do. They call the power “the Nameless” and they have clever sayings about it such as, “That is That that is That before That is Who.” Memn: I like That! That That that is that! Pyth: “The Nameless” is not looked at as personal, but as prepersonal, that is, it precedes anything that is as limited as a person. Memn: My point exactly. Pyth: They also speak of “breathing,” a kind of metaphorical breathing in which “the Nameless” breathes out the cosmos… Read more »

Last edited 10 months ago by Michael
August 7, 2021 10:54 pm
Reply to  faustia
August 7, 2021 10:56 pm
Reply to  faustia

I can send you his interviews through a Dropbox file since they have all vanished offline. Father Moore knew 20 languages.

August 7, 2021 11:08 pm

Diagram of Solomon’s Seal – Hall of Mirrors : it always turns to the right. Solomon’s seal is really about this hall of mirrors. It comes from looking within. Ecstacy means to stand outside yourself and look within. And this ecstacy of the discovery of truth and the insight into the presence of the divine comes from looking within. Now Carl Jung points out two alternate aspects of ourselves. One is the Self: the other the Ego. When you depress self respect Ego goes up out of sight to compensate and that’s schizophrenia. The Hindus say you’re supposed to concentrate… Read more »

September 1, 2021 5:41 am
Reply to  faustia

Faustia how do I produce ectoplasm?

December 12, 2021 6:24 pm

Interesting. I found this looking for the Mind Lamp and PK/REG related stuff. This may be partially how Associative Remote Viewing works for predictions, where information may be sent back. And have you listened to ET channelers, especially Bashar? He has explained the mechanics quite a bit, and it seems to add up. He has talked about how your past can be changed.

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