Project Blue Book leader, Captain Edward J. Ruppelt, USAFR tells what he found in his UFO/UAP research. (1954) – Students of the Hermetic Sciences

Reading Captain Ruppelt’s account of the inner workings of the early stages of Project Blue Book, (1951-1953) I’ve learned something.  I’ve been led to believe for so many years, that the U.S. Military intentionally misled the public about UFO’s/UAP’s and did a half-ass job in researching the objects, just to say they looked into it and found nothing. The Truth it seems is the fault of the attention seekers, bullshit artists to sell books and other causes for financial gain…(Ancient Aliens etc.), and sensationalism by the media as well.


I’m not saying the Military isn’t hiding anything, I’m just saying the public seems to be more at fault in all of this. Look at social media now, so many people are conversing about this subject, from the major news networks to individual YouTube channels. Most of these people don’t even care, so not only are they reporting on something they have no knowledge of or even care about, they are adding false narratives just for clicks. 


When the Pentagon, gives its report to congress, next week (as of this writing) I can only imagine the shit show of reports from Ancient Aliens all the way down websites that have never reported on a paranormal even in their existence.


This is why the truth for us is hard to find, it’s not the Military in whole giving us the run around, it’s the ones we trust.

I’m going to be watching all of this unfold…and giving you guys the relevant, unbiased information.

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