Russian “Super-Science,” tried to bring Michael Jackson back from the dead. (1929-2021) – Students of the Hermetic Sciences

When Michael Jackson “died” in 2009, as you guys know, it was news until after the trial and conviction of Dr. Conrad Murray, who was found responsible for Michael’s death.

I remember seeing the article below about a hospital with a medical technique for bringing back people from death who would be considered lost causes under normal circumstances.

The only problem is, that the science was already 80 years old and was developed by the Russians.

The Russians called it “Reanimatology,” the science of bringing back the dead.

On the page above, I recognize as what the Nazis were doing with Reanimation. There were the Science aspects, but Hitler was also working on a mystical science to command an army of the undead. A “Call of Duty,” like Zombie Army. (That’s another story.)

 (Reanimatology), was stolen from the Russians.

As I said before, here in the United States, our scientists only care about science if it involves money and glory.

Just like the Nazi Scientists, the Russian Scientists were no smarter than our Scientists,they were just more dedicated.

I was going to laugh, but this is just sad.

If you guys could see, the old articles about possible natural cures in Africa and the Amazon for and against diseases, including Cancer…Weather Control, Time Manipulation that does not involve Einstein, Brain Implants, Alternative Fuels etc. and all done 60 plus years ago!



I have to admit, it would have been cool to have a real Zombie Michael Jackson doing a Thriller remake.

You know the motto of American Historians and Scientists:

“Fuck the Truth and the Facts be Damned!”

5 thoughts on “Russian “Super-Science,” tried to bring Michael Jackson back from the dead. (1929-2021)

  1. are negative ions prana?joseph h cater says that soft electrons are the magnetic fluid?

  2. OMG! LOL so funny…
    I thought about it too, and I believe you are right.
    In the Hermetic Sciences, there is a process where certain Mages and Witches can swipe bodies when theirs gets old, and they need a new one.

    So you figure, if the body dies for a certain period of time, and if it is vacant, there will be all manner of foul creatures who will try to reoccupy it.
    If the body is revived with the “squatter,” it becomes permanent.

    So you’re right; this can be seen as a form of Necromancy.

  3. Negative Ions and Ozone are not Prana.
    Prana and Apana or the Electric and Magnetic Fluids are not related to Negative Ions or Ozone.
    The aspect of Prana is the primordial energy that created everything, including Negative Ions and Ozone.
    Comparing Prana to Negative Ions is like comparing the Sun to a 60-watt lightbulb. 
    Hope this helps

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