Are the Russian’s using Banned Tesla Technology against the United States? (1976-2021) – Students of the Hermetic Sciences

You know…I came here with a severe chip on my shoulders.
You guys know how I feel about our scientists here in the States, and
this post is just another testament to their bullshit and why I enjoy proving their worthlessness to science. Never in my life have I ever read
or known about a group of motherfuckers, hell-bent on failure as the scientists here in the U.S. Told you, they’re biased, sloppy, and easily bought and paid for.


Read this post, and you’ll see why I’m just livid.

I’ve known about this technology for over 30 years, and yet, our scientists, because of their bias and refusal to look into this 30 years ago, have put the United States in dire straits, as when they said, Robert Goddard’s rockets were of no use, and then years later Nazi Germany unleashes the V1 and V2.

We had the best minds in the world from Nazi Germany to put us ahead in the Space Race. We left German technology in the hands of our scientists, only to have the Russians beat us into space and then having no choice but to have our captured Nazis take the reigns and put us on the moon.


Seriously, what the Fuck is wrong with these people?

The next video is a classic in the paranormal; I have the Book and had it on VHS.
I marked the first 6 minutes of the video for this post, but if you haven’t seen this, it’s one of the best Documentaries in English on Russian Psychic Power and Technology, you will ever see.

As I said, if there were a real Hogwarts, it would be in one of three places, Moscow, Prague, or Beijing. Under Hitler, it would have been Berlin without a doubt. (As he had planned) Reading the old documents and books, before the NewAge came along, I got the cream of the crop of these ancient sciences. This is how I got my powers and the knowledge.
I used to think (decades ago) that I missed out on not being able to go to college, now I realize I dodged a goddamn bullet.


This next article is suggesting that the Russian’s may have acquired some of Nikola Tesla’s technology after he died, but the Russian’s have a long history of research, not just in the paranormal, but what American scientists would call “fringe science.” “Fringe Science,” that’s a science not sanctioned by the assholes here in the west. The Russian’s also captured a bunch of Nazi Tech after the fall of the Third Reich.

They are in the know.

The incredible thing is after reading the above article; I remembered I had an actual copy of the Geneva Conference of the Committee on Disarmament (1977)

Whatever this Tech was, all the “civilized” countries were afraid of it,
and wanted to ban its use in Modern Warfare.
My personal opinion is, the Tech is either Tesla’s or Hitler’s, one or the other, or even a combination of the two.

I don’t see Israel’s Name. (Big Surprise There) [Rolls Eyes]

While you guys know, I study the ancient science of Hermetics, I also look for the relationship between that science and modern science; (without the dogma) unfortunately, I’m forced to admit as an American that those sciences were/are most developed in modern Russian, the old Soviet Union, and Communist China. Germany was the undisputed leader under the Third Reich, but all of the Tech in this field went to the Soviet Union and China after the war ended.

These are a few science papers on the subject. I have a trove of these.
India would be the leader in this form of technology but wants to get away from the superstition that the leaders believe plagues the country and focus on the accepted forms of science, like the west.




Adolf Hitler and the German Masons had these, in the 1930’s



Below is a camera that acts similarly to the device that Hitler’s Mages and a group of German Masons had. It Amplifies the user’s bioenergy and can then act on the bioenergy of other living beings or organic matter.

A not-so-fun fact: that tech was started here in the U.S., but the American Medical Association, had the developers thrown in prison or chased out of town, just like they did with the Austrian Wilhelm Reich, but some Brits took the Tech and developed it, and it worked…Wah Wah Waaaaah

It could be the Russians, the Chinese, Israel, or even domestic, it could be anyone; what we may be seeing here is a new form of terrorism.
Silent but deadly.



You guys know how, I have the videos of me “bending’ animals and putting them to sleep using my powers like the Chi Master Kanzawa Sensei…I designed a device that I was going to use on humans and try to knock them out or cause other phenomena, using YouTube Live…Gamers, Podcasts Hosts, Tutorials etc., and then upload it here. It was supposed to be a “Fuck You!” to YouTube.

After what’s happening to American politicians, personnel, and soldiers, with these psychotronic weapons, I can’t do that now, and what, have the C.I.A. kicking my fucking door in?  Even “bending” animals in other countries now may be a problem. Hell, even here may be a problem

L.O.L., Funny, I guess now I know why most “Exceptionals’ are criminals; it’s much easier…

Within the last sixty days, I’ve seen my Government want to know the why and how of these energy weapons and those unidentified flying objects cruising our sky, which defy accepted physics. Not one scientist here has an answer.



They’re Conspiracy Theories, until they’re not.

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May 9, 2021 10:31 pm

How would it be possible to entrain brainwaves to different hertz for example 7.83 hz?

May 10, 2021 3:38 pm

How to successfully create/ perform a cone of power that would empower a single person with the magnetic fluid?Like I understand the spiral dance by starhawk but i want to know your steps or explanation faustia?

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