Nazi Germany had Video Conference Calling. (1936) – Students of the Hermetic Sciences

You guys know me by now; I don’t have to click-bait. That’s one of the benefits of not relying on ads or YouTube.
When people see these early technologies coming from Germany, people always comment on how brilliant the Germans are. Germany has been indeed the leader in world innovation for years, but I still believe it’s not because they are smart, but because they push themselves to make Germany better for the people, not for money or gain.

Think about me; many of the things I post here can never be uploaded on YouTube without getting your channel deleted or demonetized, not because any of it is derogatory, but because it’s not kosher, to tell the truth about certain things and events. Even though I’m not getting paid, can’t put ads, and use my own time without any compensation, I enjoy posting…(When time permits)

I don’t have to cower or kneel before anyone…Poor, but proud. LOL

The following post is another example of German development; as many of the things I’ve posted, the Germans never invented but developed, as they saw a future use that would help their people and advance science.

Here in the U.S., if it can’t make money for us, we have no use for it, no matter if it helps our people or whether it advances science not. This is why many of these technologies, the patents are purchased and hidden until these companies are sure a financial gain can be made.

After WWII ended, we brought 24, 000 Nazi scientists  to work for us here in The United States…24,000. Why?


Look at my “Hail Hydra!!” posts and you’ll see why, and I haven’t even posted the good stuff yet.

The Nazi scientists were no smarter than American scientists, our scientists are just, lazy, biased and easily bought and paid for…simple.


Do this, tell a friend that you heard that Nazi Germany had video telephone service in the 30’s, and see if he/she says…”There wasn’t enough technology in the 30’s to achieve that.” This is how American scientists make themselves feel better for their failures.


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April 4, 2021 4:16 pm

Please keep posting when you can brother, thank you.

February 10, 2022 4:10 pm

I enjoy your posts a lot and very informative, but we should remember to not glorify the Nazis too much. As you said: “The Nazi scientists were no smarter than American scientists”. Especially because Nazism isn’t that “independent” of the world leaders / elite as most believe. It’s known that Bush and many other zionists (not to be confused with average jews that just live their life) financed the Nazi regime and thus even put their own people, the jewish citizens, to the guillotine just so they could have a justification to create Israel, and have another world war and… Read more »

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