Keeping Hermetics Pure, Part IV: Spellbooks and using Magic in Real-Time. (2021) – Students of the Hermetic Sciences

In this post, I wanted to clarify some of the misunderstandings about using Hermetic Magic and how it works in real-time.
Hermetic Magic existed before the Flood and is known as the “First Science” or “Ancient Science.”

All modern Mages, Witches, Sorcerers, Wiccans, Alchemists, etc., are descendants of these first Magicians who existed many thousands of years ago, while even Atlantis and Ancient Indian were still young.

Hermetic Magic is the Purest Magic; it exists today as it did in Antiquity.

This is the Magic that I have practiced for decades, I didn’t start that way, but I’m glad; it’s where I ended up.
Out of the many years of study, 75% of my time was spent understanding how magic works, the other 25% was spent training to achieve my powers.

I realize this is not something people want to hear, but it’s how the Old Science works.
1) You study all about which Science you want to work in—Alchemy, Astrology, Healing, Metaphysician, Herbology, etc.
2) Once you have learned all about your path, you begin to train for your powers. This involves breathing, focus, will, etc.
3) You combine what you have learned in your studies and training in practice.




This was the first “spell” I learned. After years of study and training, I went back to Initiation into Hermetics, and started to read over the spells, I had studied, but now I had the power from my ‘internal training” to make them work.

I started with Initiation into Hermetics (1962 edition, PP86-87) 

Some of you have seen the video below, but not sure I have explained it.
Once I completed my training in commanding the Magnetic Fluid, I went back to all the Spell Books to see if I could make the “spells” work and see if the outcome would be the same as they were written.

You can hear my breathing, but it sounds so awful as I was just learning to use my powers. (I love saying that. LOL)

This is why practice over theory is essential. I knew later on down the line; I needed very little “breath” because my mind and will were the key; the intense breath is sorta like a charge for more extensive and longer “spells.”
Now, I can just think and accomplish the same thing that I used deep breathing for nearly ten years ago.

The video below is of two of my lovebirds (Both Dead) that I practiced ‘Bending” on.
I used the word “bending” as I was a fan of “The Last Air Bender” and the “Legend of Korra.” I also heard the term in an old Soviet documentary, where a scientist used the term “bending someone’s mind.”

Since this is my own technique, I gave the name for this training…” Lord Shiva’s Breath,” as the foundations of my training are Hindu and Atlantian.

In the video below, I’m using my will and breath to distort Space-Time, and in turn, the birds are affected. So the birds are disorientated, not because I’m directly affecting them, but is a byproduct of my powers (Love saying that) on the energy surrounding them, and they are in some sort of “fallout.”

I think this is where I may disagree with kanzawa Sensei on why the animals sleep or become relaxed. (Discussion later)
I gave myself rules because when one professes “powers,” for some reason, it brings out all the assholes trying to debunk you. While I’m not beyond reproach, humans are just malicious…just because.

In the video, as the birds begin to go to sleep, I clap, wake them up, put them back under, clap, wake them up, put them back under.
I make sure the video does not glitch or change angles etc.
I figure if I’m going to be Trolled, I’ll make them work for it.


“Noble?”…yeah about that. LOL

Just as the text says, neither time, space, nor distance matters when using the Magnetic Fluid. I was editing a video one day and realized as I looked at the screen of my birds, the real birds in my cage were being “Bent.”

Someone suggested using a live video feed of an animal cam, and it worked. I was still using the techniques they used in the ’30s and ’40s when the old Mages were still using Photos and Mumia, so I had to modernize with video.
The video is from 2012, but I’m not sure where in the world it is; the only thing I remember is that it is in a lab of some sort.

I try to use animated animals, like birds, squirrels, hamsters, etc., and try to do two or more. As I said before, if I’m going to be trolled, I will make them work for it. LOL
I began to leave commercials ads at the beginning of videos, so it would give me a time frame on how fast I could “Bend.” So I could get faster and stronger.

My breathing sounds so awful, and I was so out of breath in the end, as you will hear. Again, I was just learning to use my powers and learned, later on, that breath is vital in training, but in practice, I’ve learned just to use my mind. Remember, I’m not directly affecting the chicks but “bending” space-time around them. The Sleep is some byproduct of my distorting the space there, and I’m still unsure why yet.


O.K., I got a little excited. LOL,

I forgot about that, some of these I hadn’t watched the whole thing for years. LOL




The next video, is not mine, and belongs to whomever uploaded it to YouTube. It is one of my first attempts at “Time Bending.”  This energy seems to be able to alter Time.

I’m not sure if the Magnetic Fluid is altering the past or if it exists in the past, present and future all at the same time.

I think, I did this in 2016, and the video is from 2014, so I went back two years.

It’s so crazy, because that means, I was there in 2014, before I did the “Bending,” in 2016.

There seems to be a process for this, as Ive seen the science papers from the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany. This energy was part of the Nazi Bell Project and was either acquired by the Soviet Union after the War or was rediscovered.

Anyway, you will see the actions of the main bird being “Bent,” but also the other birds around it. Like I said before, I’m not directly affecting the animals, but “Twisting” the Space around them, and their sleep, relaxation is just a byproduct.

The Hermetics Texts say, that when I affect Space-Time, I can actually create my own reality, in that space.

Picture a chalk board, you have just erased and are now whatever you write can become reality.

The energy used by Master Chang and Kanzawa Sensei, is channeled by the traditional meridians and energy centers in the body and exits the acupuncture points in the palms, feet, and fingers.

These Chinese prints, are from a number of booklets I have, that helped in my training. I had to have them translated 1 page at a time, as this was cheaper, and then translated again, as humans are greedy MF’s and I wanted to make sure the translations were correct. Not to mention some of these were hard on the Chinese Individuals I hired, who were not into the arts.

My training was different, I followed the Hindu system, so the Meridians/Nadis in my hands and feet are not open to the fullest extent.
My training was more focused on the Mind, which involves the Pineal and the Pituitary Gland. So everything I do involves just thought. This in magic is somewhat better, as you don’t bring attention to yourself when using your powers.

Since the foundations of my training is Hindu and Atlantian, I’ve named my Training System

“Lord Shiva’s Breath.”


Imagine the before and after photo of a bodybuilder.

The esoteric centers in the body work in a similar fashion. Using breath, meditation and other techniques , you can actually strengthen these centers and make them stronger, this is how I trained for my powers.


I Just started watching the old show on Netflix called, ‘Vampire Diaries.” The Vampires have a power called, “Compulsion,” or “Compelling.” It’s a play on our old words, to Mesmerize, Glamor, Fascinate, and to Charm.

What I do is the same, as this is what is done when I alter the Space-Time, where living entities are concentrated, be it one, or many as the texts say. 

 You all may remember this News Story from Italy about a hypnotic robbery.

Some think, that the cashier may have been his partner, and faked the robbery. If this is the case, he had several other accomplices too, as he’d robbed banks and other stores as well. I doubt it would be worth training for a job, getting hired and then faking several robberies. It be a matter of time before the cops put two and two together.

 As I said before, my power is emitted through my eyes and skin.


This next video is another Time-Bending Video. From the names in the room, it seems to be in some Latin Country.

Remember, the reason you don’t hear me breathing is, I’m distorting Space-Time, and in turn, I’m manipulating a video, that was uploaded Ten years ago. I think I did this in 2016, so I went back Five years and altered reality. (David Icke was right)


The term Human Scientists use is, “Retro-causation.” The Future can indeed influence the Past.

If you are truly interested in how Time-Manipulation works, look up


Dr. Nikolai Aleksandrovich Kozyrev. (1908-1983)

The Father of Time Manipulation, which will lead to physical Time-Travel one day.


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Sarah Bailey
Sarah Bailey
April 17, 2021 8:47 pm

Can you use magic to accelerate body processes? Like accelerating nail or hair growth by 5 inches overnight? And if so how would this be possible?

Ron Weasley
Ron Weasley
April 17, 2021 11:19 pm

Can you make shapes with the magnetic fluid like hands or balls ?

Ron Weasley
Ron Weasley
April 22, 2021 5:04 am

How would it b e possible to entrain brainwaves?

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