Keeping Hermetics Pure, Part III: Why Your Magic Doesn’t Work. (2021) – Students of the Hermetic Sciences

If you saw part II of this series, you will remember Robert Pavlita’s Psychotronic Devices. Using the Bio-Energy of the Human Body to charge these devices, he could give them various functions.

John Ernst Worrell Keely, Designed a machine that worked by using the natural forces around us but was controlled on human bio-energy and human thought that changed the various functions.

John Chang

Master Chang was a  Nei Kung Practitioner, who could manipulate matter and spirit with his Yin and Yang Chi.

German F.O.G.C. Lodge.

A German branch during the era of the Third Reich and of one of the oldest lodges in the world. There were 99 members of the lodges, but there were 21 “Judges,” who specialized in altering reality, each could do it alone, but were even more powerful when their minds were in sync.

(Battle Mages)

Hitler and a few high-ranking Nazis were members of that lodge.

For the betrayal of the lodge, I would have voted, YES for Death.

The “Eagle’s Nest” was built as a teahouse for Adolf Hitler on Kehlstein Moutain at an elevation of 6,017 ft / 1,834 m. Its unusual position made it a unique engineering feat.

Here, Hitler Meditated on the Sciences he was learning and entertained  Europe’s best Astrologers, Dowsers, Mind Benders and Masters of the Art. Hitler’s occult rooms in the “Eagles Nest,” were called the “Chamber of Stars.” Each room was dedicated to one of the ancient Hermetic Sciences.

One of the rooms had a Planetarium, to help his Astrologers.

Hitler’s Vegetarian Diet was also related to his training in the Sciences.

Occupied Czechoslovakia and the Nazis are in Prague’s Old Town Square.

(Visualization had become Reality)  

Russian Mind Benders in the Soviet Union

Soviet Psychotronics

Psychotronics is the science of merging mind and machine, to alter reality.

While I could list so much more, my point is why your Magic does not work in real-time or at all is, you need to be trained in the Sciences or be born with some sort of Powers.

All the individuals above have been trained in the sciences or have had training in a previous life that followed them to their present.

All of the objects are dead batteries until charged by the person wielding them. You  must have some form of knowledge and skill in moving energy in real-time.

All of the books you buy, the herbs, the stones, the wands, the Magic mirrors, etc., are dead batteries until you awaken them with your powers.

This is why your Magic Does not work.


In the ancient lodges, when the Masters found suitable students for training, the new students would not learn the Sciences or the Arts until the Masters were sure he/she had made the right choice in the Student or Students.
This means that before the students were taught how to gain powers, the Masters made sure that the students’ moral dispositions were at least balanced.
The Studies always came first, and these Studies took years to complete.
After so many years of studies and tests…if the student made it without running away or failing, she/he would then begin to be taught how to gain and use their new powers. While these powers were being developed, the student could then begin to merge his/her new powers with what they had been studying for years.

This is why Masters do not teach power development first because many students would only gain power but would never pick up a book.

Again, this is why your magic does not work; people have the books and the want, but not the know-how.



Master “John Chang” has passed away, but I can say with certainty that he was one of the very few individuals in the occult spotlight that had the same powers that were once possessed by the ancient mages.

” John Chang is the direct heir to the lineage of the sixth-century b.c. sage Mo-Tzu, who was Confucius’s greatest rival. His discipline, called the Mo-Pai, is little-known in the West and has never before been the subject of a book. Now, John Chang has decided to bridge the gap between East and West by allowing a book to be published revealing the story of his life, his teachings, and his powers. It will surely expedite what may well become the greatest revolution of the twenty-first century–the verification and study of bio-energy.”


The video is being shared by one of the relatives of one of the students in the video being tested.

The Students are testing to pass level 2b. The Goal is, if the Student has practiced the previous levels correctly, he/she will get to this point.

They have to have enough Yang Chi (Electric Fluid) in their Dan-Tian (Solar Plexus) to raise the energy up and push it out the palms of their hands and be able to reach far enough (From a Certain Distance) to mingle with the Yin Chi (Magnetic Fluid) of Master Chang to knock over the boxes.

(When Yin and Yang energy unite, they interact with the physical world.)
We call this Telekinesis or, in the case of Ghosts stealing energy from humans; we call this Poltergeist Activity.

While these men, are not interested in the sciences, reaching a certain level  will give them powers. As of now (in the video) at their level, they have very little power without a person at Master Chang’s level in the Mo Pai lineage to test them.

Thanks to the uploader for this.

The comment section is full of examples of why Mages don’t teach without proper vetting. People are screaming “Fake” and “Invisible Strings,” both of which are lies.

What they are referring to is, when Master Chang goes to pick up the boxes, the other boxes on the edge of the banner move.

This is called the “Linger Effect.” When spiritual energy is focused on one spot, it does not readily dissipate, sort of like a lava lamp.


As I said before, motherfuckers want power, but no one wants to fucking study.

And people wonder why they get taken advantage of.


I never learned about Master Chang on YouTube or from the book the “Magus of Java.” I first learned about him from these commercials…well, sort of.

This was actually a great series of books for the time. None of it was “fluff,” just to sell these books, they were very well researched, put together, and marketed. Even after 30 years, these books are still impressive and still better than many of  the ones on the market today.
LOL I think this series of books was probably the last modern, solid series on the subject before all the bullshit showed up.

I not only ordered the series, but one in particular, is related to this post.
“Eastern Mysteries”

The Part below, they are talking about Master Chang. Cool right?

When I read this in the late 80’s, I thought, “Id love to know more about this man.”

After editing this post, I figured out why those Time-Life Books, “Mysteries of the Unknown,” were so well put together. You guys know how I feel about the publication of metaphysical books here in the states. (They suck ass)

Our metaphysical books here in the states are published just to makes money, not for knowledge. These Time-Life books were so well done because they were copies of books published in England in the ’70s. As a matter of fact, England had at least 4  sets of different volumes of these books published throughout the ’70s. I know they had at least four because I own three of them, and I’m aware of a fourth. Boom!

So if you compare these two side by side…
A copy of one book from my 21 Volume set, from 1976, and that Time-Life book from my set…

And the truth comes out. LOL

Like I said people, I’ve been at this for a long time.

but wait…there’s more. LOL

I also had/have a magazine on the paranormal from 1931, that mentions people like Master Chang, that live/lived in Bali, Indonesia, etc. but mentions the Japanese and Hindu’s as well.

I hope to upload the full article soon.

A Crazy part about this article is, the man who can stop his heart, I believe I have a whole book about him. I recognize the description and I just went to check the date and the book is an an original. There is no published date, but the first page is 1927, but the last page is 1933. It’s gotta be the same guy.

The Magazine above is an original 1931, gotta be him, but then again I’ve read about several of these individuals from the 19th and 20th century.

(I think I need to get out more. LOL)

The following two videos are the first two videos that were uploaded to Youtube about Master Chang; one is from the Documentary “Ring of Fire, part 3 East of Krakatoa.” The second was a meeting requested by Master Chang.

All of that just means, a person with more of the Electric (Yang) and the Magnetic (Yin) Fluids flowing through their bodies (chakras) will and can control a weaker human and are also able to control not only the Elements, but will be proficient in the Hermetic Sciences.

You can be called then, a Witch, Mage, Magus, Sorcerer, Sorceress, Healer etc.

 Demonstrations in the Electric Fluid (Yang Energy)

Target must be physically touched.

As Master Chang said, this involves training for many years, and there are many different disciplines to get to the same point. In Valery’s case (Man in second video) his powers came by accident.

Master Chang’s Training took, 20 plus years, and Valery’s by accident. This can happen from serious physical or mental trauma and this will and can unlock certain energy centers, by a little or a lot. You can also bring these powers from past lives.

Demonstrations in the use of the Magnetic Fluid. (Yin Energy)

Target can be affected from any distance through time and space.

Lacking the powers of the individuals above, is why your Magic does not work.


Lacking the proper training to gain these powers, is why your Magic does not work.


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April 5, 2021 8:00 pm

Hi Brother Faustia, hope you are staying safe and well, I wanted to ask you a few things after reading this article such as I am close in thinking that the key to most of these abilities lies in the trance state whether it be deep hypnotic trance or rare waking state trance as I believe that the special breathing techniques taught by fakirs,yogis,etc not only help to create a certain level of trance but to also alter the heartbeat which helps tune the energies which then in turn alters the power for these miracles to happen and that the… Read more »

June Moon
June Moon
April 9, 2021 5:45 am

There Is this guy named guy bavli who was on a show called Stan Lee’s superhuman who could move objects and and who said that when you combine all the senses together you get the 6th Sense. A neuroscientist was was brought to the show and measure his brain waves and when he caused objects to move his brainwave went to gamma wave. The neuroscientist who measure his brain said that his brainwaves w e r e like 3 X a person having a seizure. I saw a video on YouTube where a scientist explain what gamma w e r… Read more »

Blair witch
Blair witch
April 14, 2021 1:53 am
Reply to  faustia

If you added blood to the magnetic fluid would you get a telekenetic activity? would the magnetic fluid suck up the electric fluid from the blood?I read from the secret science of the kahunas that a incantation was said to manifest a ghost and a chicken blood was poured on a rock near the ghost and the ghost became a poltergeist so did the ghost create an astral tube with its body and absorb the electric fluid from the blood. How are ghost able to absorb the electric fluid? and are ghost simply just the magnetic fluid?

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