Keeping Hermetics Pure, Part II: Controlling the Electric and Magnetic Fluids. (2021) – Students of the Hermetic Sciences

I titled this series “Keeping Hermetics Pure” because I want to do just that.
This science, this art, is being used as a tool, to lead people astray for the sole purpose of making coin. I’m not opposed to making money or giving people money for their time, research, and helping them pay back any materials they may have needed in their presentation.

Unfortunately, so many unscrupulous people are putting out nothing but lies in exchange for our coin. Like, what the hell?

I’d even be o.k. with honest mistakes or a misunderstanding that was brought forth, but in most cases, it’s just blatant lies for profit.

I don’t drink, smoke, “smoke,” go out or do anything, but work, study, and game. Love to game.
If any of you are gamers here or watch people play, especially on YouTube. You know that people are always in a hurry to get content out first, be it taking a supposed 30-hour game and doing a speed run to finish the game in two hours or getting the game early to be one of the first ones to upload the content first. All of this is done for views, as views with ads equal money.
This is what’s being done with Hermetics, and it doesn’t work.
People are uploading content with no value whatsoever, just to be the first ones to do so, as they know people are hungry for knowledge, but let’s be honest with ourselves, people are hungry for power. This makes people easy bait for the frauds out there.

None of this is cool in the least. So, in this post, I want to talk about arguably the most sought-after subject in all of Hermetics, how Witches, Alchemists, and Mages perform their Magic or i.e., show their knowledge of the elemental forces.

First and foremost, we have to know that Hermetics is a Science, so what we call “magic” is the most ancient science. People can speculate where this all came from, but in the pure version of Hermetics, we trace our knowledge back to Atlantis and Ancient India. The texts never say that Atlantis was greater than India or vice versa; they are both mentioned on equal grounds.
If it is traced back even further, it was taught before the Great Flood by the Nephilim, Watchers, or whatever those celestial beings were. After the flood, the Atlantians spread to different parts of the world, most notably Egypt.


The texts also say that, the Atlantians knew that the flood was coming and stored the sacred knowledge in different parts of the world with Egypt being the epicenter. The sacred information was housed underground in initiation rooms all around and under Egypt.


The Ancients knew, we would have to start over, so they made sure we would have a History of our origins, science, technology etc….well people like us, not the know it all academics who have no clue that they are, “Bald Infants” as Ive heard the name used to describe them. It means they are just like new born babies, who have no clue about anything, including their very existence.

You guys would be surprised about the hatred for humans by the ancients. I never understood why until within the last few years.


You’ll notice, most American “academics’ never give their opinion on the ancient structures in India as they do Egypt. They can’t say what you guys just saw, was done with copper tools and chicken bones. LMFAO

My favorite, 4:26 of the above video.

In Ancient India, the people were not really displaced, even though millions were killed, but the high technology was forgotten during their civilization’s rebuilding. The old texts say this technology was only in the hands of a few chosen priests and adepts, so when they perished along with the books, scrolls, etc., there was no one to pass it down and or not enough time to teach it.

The texts say that both Indian and Atlantian surviving adepts kept these secrets and passed them down to only worthy ones. This is how the lodges came to be formed. Not only to keep the secrets but to understand and expand upon them for future generations.

All Carved with Chicken Bones and Copper Tools. 






The key that is missing from this technology, is the energy that made it all work. The ancients had learned to use the universe’s natural energy sources to power all of their machines, travel modes, and even warfare.

Famed Prophet

Edgar Cayce



An Edgar Cayce reading on Atlantis.

Franz Bardon



The Practice of Magical Evocation (1967)


Initiation into Hermetics (1962)


As I said earlier, this is what the ancients, “real” adepts, and some of the other higher beings walking around on our planet, feel about humans. There is a deep hatred. The term “animal” is used a lot.

John Baharudin (John Chang)

Died Feb. 5, 2020

“The Magus of Java” (2000)

Helena Blavatsky (1831-1891)

John Ernst Worrell Keelly (1837-1898)


“The Secret Doctrine” (1896)


Edward Bulwer Lytton


The Coming Race (1871)

Robert Pavlita (1911 – 1991)



I read in another old book, that Pavlita, received the information from “Old Manuscripts, that Survived the Flood.” 

I read that personally…

(I read that sentence, over and over in my head, I don’t know how many times.)

I knew he read it from The Hermetic Texts. BOOM!!


Lord Indra, King of the Gods and Master of the Thunderbolt.


The “Odic Force,” was named after Odin, the Father of Thor and all of the Gods.

All of these are remnants from the Old Sciences of Hermes and the Old Gods.

Keeping Hermetics Pure Part 1: The First Five Tarot Cards from the Golden Book of Wisdom.
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June Moon
June Moon
March 2, 2021 5:23 am

How to induce faith and unshakeable confidence in people or yourself? Can this be done simply by reciting letters from the Key to the true Kabbalah? Can one take drugs to induce it? How would it be possible?

March 2, 2021 10:36 pm

John Chang was the real deal for sure bro faustia, I mean just looking at this photo you can sense his deep meditative peaceful calmness as well as his powerful solid energy coming right at ya !

August 3, 2021 1:42 am

Faustia can you tell us more about  the “hatred for humans by the ancients”? What’s that about and does it correlate with what’s happening on the planet now?

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