Keeping Hermetics Pure: Part 1, The First Five Tarot Cards from the Golden Book of Wisdom (2021) – Students of the Hermetic Sciences

For the last ten years, I’ve watched the “Hermetic Community.”
I’ve studied magic and the old science for over 40 years.
I’ve studied Hermetics for about 20 years.
To get to the meat of all of this, I hate drawing this out, as you guys know. Many of us have had a hard time studying because of the false information being mixed in with the good information.

For me, growing up, it was somewhat more manageable.
When we wanted to study in my day, say buy or read new books, there were three places, The Library, Old Book Stores, and by Mail.
So it was a little harder for posers, frauds, and thieves to take advantage of people like myself. This was because, to make money, you had to advertise, and that costs money. So, while the frauds and bullshit artists were there, it was minimal because of the overhead needed, with no guarantee of a return.

With the internet, not too much overhead is needed, just a little time, but the monetary returns could be significant.

This is where we are in the Hermetic Community; it has become rife, with fraud and misinformation for the sake of monetary gain.

There is nothing wrong with making money for your time and knowledge, but Fuck!! Tell the truth, as you honestly believe it, and be sincere. That’s not being done, and we as a community have to do something about that.

All of you who are interested in Hermetics, Magic and the Lot, learning this is not easy; you are looking at decades of study just to get a sound understanding. So, clowns who offer you instant and quick power are lying through their goddamn teeth. Look at it like this. Someone wants payment to learn some supposed supernatural gift or technique, just ask them to demonstrate to you what they will teach you. If you get anything but “OK, let me show you,” then they are 100% frauds. No, I’m not wrong, because if he/she wants payment, they are obligated to show you what you are buying.
Oh, you can’t show off because it’s forbidden, but you can get paid? Fuck outta here. You guys cannot enable these people. They know people want power, to show off to be famous, likes, etc. It makes you easy prey.
Me…Yes, I love power, I love knowledge, I love the feel of this energy running through my body, I love cracking the secrets of the old mages. It’s a rush…but I have had no problem dedicating my entire being to the Hermetic Art. None of this has been quick; it’s been years, brothers and sisters. That’s the difference; it’s a long road with no shortcuts. You’re barefoot walking on broken glass, with obstacles in your path, the whole way.


The Hermetic Science is the original science brought from Ancient India and Atlantis thousands of years ago. The old lodges have kept these records and they have been passed down for thousands of years.

The best books for those of you who wish to study the Hermetic Science are from an author who was a Master of the Art…

Franz Bardon.


(December 1, 1909)-(July 10, 1958)

He has written the most concise training and Initiation books on Hermetics and Magic written to date.

No, I’m not wrong, I have read thousands of these books, and even now, I possess at least a thousand books on the occult, Magic, Hermetics, etc., in my collection. Nothing has come even close.

I will not be undone, by any upstarts telling me I’m wrong. This Art wouldn’t be so Fucked Up now if you were correct and I wouldn’t have to come here.

This is the reason, he wrote those books. This is a scan from my book, “Frabato,” First English Edition  1982

When people were/are dying and complaining in the spiritual world, that they were lied to in earthly life, about the after life and it was nothing like they were told. So these books written by Franz Bardon, are meant as spiritual maps for your earthly life and spiritual life.

So the people lying and printing false information  about Hermetics, Magic, and all out Spirituality, just to make a few coins at any cost…These people are still part of the problem.


 “Initiation into Hermetics” My Scan: First English Edition 1962

“The Practice of Magical Evocation” My Scan: First English Edition 1967


“Key to the True Quabbalah” My Scan: First English 1971



A Photo of the Unofficial 4th Tarot Card.

I actually recognized some of the mudras, asanas, and the Hindu Tattvas under the lotus flowers.

I call the photo of the 4th Tarot Card the “Unofficial Tarot Card” because Master and Teacher, Franz Bardon, died before revealing the last two Tarot Cards.

This card was published online nearly 20 years ago, with the following message.

“Mr. H. Peter W. was so kind to send me the following picture of the 4th Tarot Card. It’s a wall-painting by Irina Nowakowa? (Peter is not sure if the name of the Czech friend of Franz Bardon is right) who made also the 3 other paintings of the 3 Tarot Cards, which you can see in the published books by Franz Bardon. This picture was in the possess of Mr. Jonny Schwarzt from Castrop Rauxel (Germany) who has been the leader of a Bardon Group named “Der Bardonkreis des Bundes” located in Germany. Mr. Schwarzt died in 1998 and his extensive Bardon archive was destroyed after his death, as reported by his wife. The Bardon Group dissolved afterwards.”


“The Golden Book of Wisdom”

“The Golden Book of Wisdom, which consisted of 78 plates of Gold or Leaves, with each one containing an engraved Mystery and given to us by Hermes.”

So the 4th Tarot is not the Book of wisdom, it is a leaf or page from the book of wisdom. Just like the other 77 Tarot Cards are leaves or pages from the book of Wisdom, also known as the “Golden Book of Wisdom.”


The fourth book was never meant to be titled, “The Golden Book of Wisdom.”

A more accurate representation would have been “Hermetic Philosophy,” as this book/leaf is related to the “Kybalion.”

This is a major mistranslation floating around that needs to be corrected. 




The “Tabula Smaragdina”  Latin  (English-Emerald Tablets)

The Practice of Magical Evocation (1967)p. 219


My Copy of

“Frabato”First English-Edition-(1982)


My Copy of

The “Kybalion” First Edition (1908)



In “Frabato” it even mentions the Philosophical aspect of the 4th Tarot Card.

Granted it still needs to be translated into “plain language.”


I found the 5th Tarot Card about ten years ago, I believe.
I’m going to show you how I found it.
As Ive been saying, I’ve read hundreds and hundreds of books on Magick, the Occult, and the Old Science, and often, different  authors will repeat the same thing that I had read early on in the course of my life and studies, but they added a little extra  that seemed to be needed to get a full understanding of the subject.. Like adding a missing page.

I believe that this was intentional, so as to keep the secrets of the lodge, formulas, spells, etc., but enough clues were there, for serious seekers to find the them.

I ran across so many of these situations; I could never name them all. However, one of these situations is related to the 5th Tarot Card and my discovery of it.

Let me show you.
There is a book called “With the Adepts,” by Dr. Franz Hartmann. He is/was a Master of the Order.
This book is written in novel style, just like “Frabato.”
As you know, we had to write like this to hide from the church and to hide our secrets from the prying eyes of idiots. Most may not know this, but William Shakespeare’s works have hidden occult meanings.
Anyway, this is what I found…

The 5th Leaf/Tarot



In the book “Among the Rosicrucians,” I recognized the parallels with “Frabato,” which made me even more attentive.
More secrets, were within these two books, and that they seemed to be very important, so important that just like teacher/master Bardon, the Mages didn’t want to share it with humanity as it would be, “casting pearls before swine.”



My Copy

“Frabato” First English 1982


My Copy

“Among the Rosicrucians” 1890


The book was entitled “Secret Symbols of the Rosicrucians of the 16th and 17th Centuries.” Honestly, I didn’t think the book existed, but I searched for it anyway. Not only did it exist, but the description of it was accurate


Just like following the clues on a treasure map, and there it was, the “X” That important thing, that I knew was contained in the book…The 5th Tarot Card.


A Page from

The Original German Version 1785

(Secret Symbols of the Rosicrucians)


A page scan of my copy 1939

(Secret Symbols of the Rosicrucians English Translation)


As I said, this is why people make up shit, they are not really interested in this science, only what it can bring them. They don’t have the will or the desire, to do what it takes to challenge the old Masters and the clues, to help us along our path.

My Copy on the left is just Cosmology and is from 1967, My full copy on the right is from 1939.

The Original German was published in 1785, the first English was published in 1888.

Take note of the size of the books, just as mentioned in “Among the Rosicrucians.”

It’s a foot and a half tall.


Compare the 5th Tarot Card from 1785 to the First Tarot Card from 1956


Now, I know you guys are wondering, how this is possible.

Our Order is thousands of years old, all 78 Tarot Cards are in possession of the order.

So when Teacher and Master Franz Bardon published these, the photos already existed within the lodge for thousands of years. He had the originals copied.


Again, look at the similarities in the page from ‘The Secret symbols of the Rosicrucian’s…1785″ vs the 3d Tarot Card first published 1957

(All Works are linked)


The stairs stand for ascending and conquering the three worlds. The Physical, Mental and Spiritual.

Notice the Hindu Tattvas on the mages altar, as shown also under the lotus flowers of the 4th tarot card, and the columns on both cards as well.

The first 5 leaves from the “Golden Book of Wisdom.” 


All occult books of the old lodges are written like this, they are broken up like puzzle pieces, but are connected like a spiders web.   

The time it takes to decipher and find the pieces of the puzzles takes a lifetime.

You’re pretty much playing “Indiana Jones.” LOL



This is to show you all how much and how deep this science is connected, to all of our brothers and sisters, who are now considered “Masters,” before us…you guys need to take a look at this.  What you will read, is a rare look into, the switching of bodies a new one for an old one.

The New Agers, call them “Walk ins” This is a form of Immortality…The wealthy mages, who are usually on the dark-side (Not all, but most) these people, have children, so as to be reborn again, when their old bodies are useless, just to keep their wealth and knowledge. This is very old magic.


If you know the story of Franz Bardon, he took over the body of a 14 year old boy, whos soul did not want the heavy karmic burden attached to it. Franz Bardon took the body, but the karma too. He (Franz Bardon) kept all of his esoteric knowledge in the new body…

I found similar stories in 6 different books from the old lodges, I have uploaded three below. The funny part is, all were written before ‘Frabato.” (First German 1979)

As I said earlier, the old mages, broke these up into stories, separate texts etc. to make sure only those who are true seekers, whether it be of the light or of the darkness can decipher these mysteries, of which this is one.

What is being done here is, the know how in accomplishing this feat.

The transferring an old soul to a new body.

My Copy: “Magic Black and White” Franz Hartmann (1890)


My Copy: “The Practice of Magical Evocation” Franz Bardon (1967)


My Copy: “Frabato” Franz Bardon (1982)


So if any of you have known anyone, who has died and comeback or a near death experience…the sudden change upon his/her disposition upon their return may not be anything spiritual, but may indeed be a new spirit.

There are three more “texts,” that I found, that are related that add more instructions, on completing transformation. These I will keep to myself.

As you guys can see, there is  no quick path to knowledge or power, but both are there if you truly want it. 🙂


Another Tarot Card. This is a leaf from Dr. Franz Hartmann’s, ‘Magic Black and White.”

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June Moon
June Moon
February 7, 2021 3:12 am

In initiation to Hermetics by Franz Bardon, it talks about Miraculous healings in times of pilgrimage. The devoted believer is drawing up spiritual power from the akasa principle put there from the firm and unshakeable faith of the worshippers. In the book it also says that a magician who understands the polarity laws could grasp the energy from the akasa principle/cult reservoir and perform miracles. Can you explain how a magician could grasp the power from a cult reservoir? And would the magician become flooded with energy that would allow him to perform these miracles?

June Moon
June Moon
February 24, 2021 11:01 am
Reply to  faustia

How to induce faith and unshakeable confidence? Can this be done simply by reciting letters from the Key to the true Kabbalah? Can one take drugs to induce it? How would it be possible?

March 4, 2021 3:04 am

Did you ever find out what the center mudra is? I did some research and it seems like the 4th tarot card is related to the Five Tathagatas (the 5 wisdom buddhas) and esoteric buddhism (tantra). According to Wikipedia, “[…]the full Diamond Realm mandala with five Buddhas first appears in the Vajrasekhara Sutra. The Vajrasekhara also mentions a sixth Buddha, Vajradhara, “a Buddha (or principle) seen as the source, in some sense, of the five Buddhas.” So the 6th, center buddha with the mysterious mudra might be Vajradhara. In fact if you look at Vajradhara’s depiction it also uses a… Read more »


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