King Solomon of Israel vs The Titan Thanos – Students of the Hermetic Sciences

In Infinity War, the scene where Wong explains the origins of the infinity stones, I immediately recognized the story from being raised Christian. There was a similar story… more of a legend about the might of King Solomon of Israel.



FYI: this is not the first time that, I’ve heard about the Samur Stone. Unrelated to Solomon, some ancients have mentioned this stone in cutting/melting rocks.

This article is misleading as Solomon was not a magician. Solomon’s power came from God, or angels that were directed by God. The Nephilim and Jinn taught humanity magic and the workings of heaven, which is why God or the gods, banned it depending on what you believe. Solomon knew God’s name( יהוה), as it was engraved on the ring.

This was the name that was first spoken, that caused creation to come into being. So those stones that Thanos possessed were more like solidified remnants of the energies that created the Universe. (If you don’t go by the Comics origins) The Stones that Solomon had were of a pure state, as they came from the Supreme being we call God.

All of these books that are attributed to Solomon are not from him and were written thousands of years after his death, but are indeed based on real magick. (If you know what you are doing.)

It may seem, though, that Thanos may have had a purer heart in the end as you can’t help but understand what he is trying to achieve by wiping out half the Universe to have more resources for all. (Again, Comics aside)


On the other hand, Solomon had wealth and knowledge beyond anyone’s wildest dreams, yet he still turned away from God.


Morality wise, I think Thanos beats Solomon hands down, but the feared Titan could have never matched Solomon in sheer power…Only comparing is if, both stories were 100% genuine of course.

King Solomon Wins

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