Why are most “Exceptionals” criminals? Part 4 – Students of the Hermetic Sciences

I’ve had my powers for ten years now; furthermore, believe it or not, I was happy just proving to myself that the “old science” is real. Looking at Valery Lavernenko and all of the things I’ve seen in the world lately and over the years regarding the old science, it has finally occurred to me that it’s my duty, not only to better myself (Regarding this science) but making sure, or doing my best to make sure, that this science, is not “bastardized.”

My goal is to keep this science in its pure state, which means, if I see something published that I know is a lie, I will call it as such.

I’ve no problem whatsoever if someone decides to make a living teaching about the old sciences relating to Hermetics. The problem is, there are just too many goddamn scammers for me to ignore, like what the hell?
It’s similar to all of those multimillionaire ministers, and their parishioners are living in poverty…seriously?

This is my goal, starting in 2021

Being an “E” myself, I thought about legitimate ways to use my powers to make money… honestly.
You know, it’s harder than I thought. LOL

Let’s start by listing what I can do with my powers.


 What I can do.

I call my technique, “Lord Shiva’s Breath.”

1. I can send out a form of primordial energy from my body that seeks to return organic matter back into its pure original state.

2. I can use this energy to manipulate the flow of time.

3. I can create portals.

What I should be able to do, but I don’t know how yet.

1. Control the thoughts of human and animal

2.Teleport objects.

3.Bring Ghosts to the physical world.

4. Rewrite the ‘God code.”

The foundation of all my training is Hindu. When I “bend,” I have to break/destroy the three worlds one by one and unite them. The Mental, Spiritual and Physical worlds. Once those individual worlds are gone, space and time ceases to exist for me. 

This is why, I chose the name, “Lord Shiva’s Breath.”

Maybe, I’ve answered my own question on, “why are most “Exceptionals,” Criminals?” I asked myself why I wasn’t rich by using my powers. I went back decades and remembered that I did want to become very rich, after…or if I did get some powers from the magical books I was studying.
I remember wanting to be not only rich but a powerful mage as well.

Like what I asked about Valery Lavernenko, I have to ask myself…What the Hell Happened to me. LOL
Fast forward a few decades, the thought of fame and riches was still there, but I actually put it on the back burner in favor of the knowledge I was learning. Secrets of Nature, Men, Women, Angels, Devils, God, the Universe, Time, Ancient Civilizations, Chakras, Sacred Geometry, Consciousness..LOL, You all get the point.

It was an addiction, I wanted more and more. The only time I ever thought about money, was when my bills were due.

Some of you, who remember when I was on YouTube and before I could “bend,” remember, I didn’t use any mainstream or modern books on Hermetics and talked about my training. People said I was wrong in my studies and exercises, then years later, I learned to “bend” in real-time; remember, I didn’t stop there; I learned I could use the images on video and photos to “bend” as well.

I didn’t stop there, and I realized that this energy could manipulate time, as I could view videos already uploaded, go back in the past and change its reality. It still wasn’t enough as I began to learn that machines the ancients used in healing and war were based on this technology. I figured out how it worked, and not just in theory but in practice…still so much more.


I have had the privilege of learning from some of the greatest men and women who taught and studied the old sciences.


Emma Hardinge Britten (2 May 1823 – 2 October 1899)


Franz Hartmann (Hartmann, Franz, 1838-1912)

Franz Bardon (1 December 1909 – 10 July 1958)

Ruth Beymer Drown (October 21, 1891 – March 13, 1965)

Albert Pike (December 29, 1809 – April 2, 1891)

Helena Blavatsky (August 12, 1831 -May 8, 1891)

Paschal B. Randolph (October 8, 1825 – July 29, 1875)


Annie Besant (1 October 1847 – 20 September 1933)

Edgar Cayce  (March 18, 1877 –  January 3, 1945)


Nina Kulagina (30 July 1926 – 11 April 1990)


There are not really any jobs in the “infant” world for people with powers. The word “infant,” believe it or not is a word adepts used to describe humans or non initiates. There seems to be a plethora of unflattering terms for non initiates. At first I didn’t understand why, then I found out about the work ethics of American scientists. LOL “Infants”

I’ve decided to see what type of jobs there actually are for people like myself. I’ve only found two.
Working for the C.I.A., D.O.J., DARPA, etc., or working for private companies, manipulating the stock market and other shady endeavors.



I will come back on 12/18 and write a mock resume as if the C.I.A was interested in my powers, and they asked me what I had to offer if funding was approved.

I intended to write out the mock C.I.A resume, but remembered this show I saw a few years back. It is a pretty accurate layout, of what it would be like to work for the government using your powers. Short on time, but will post a little more in the morn. 12/28


Back on 12/28


Why are most “exceptionals” criminals?
I think I may have answered my own questions.
I compared my personality to Kanzawa Sensei and compared my powers to his as well.
Kanzawa Sensei, could easily become a multi-millionaire but is a healer who uses 100% of his powers to help people and animals as well. He has his own clinic in Japan, where he charges about $25-$30 USD an hour, of which I think is fair, as his powers have been documented all over the world.


 Early on when Valery Lavernenko, learned to use his powers, he joined a traveling circus. He was found performing his underwater feat of holding his breath for 20 min plus in Japan and this is where he was discovered by American TV producers. He could easily be worth millions, maybe even billions, but is still performing the same stunts that he did 40 years ago in the circus.

Really? Spider Powers Too? I want Spider Powers LOL


Able to stop his heart at will for an undetermined amount of time.


A report about an illegal burial that Laverenko performed without the cities permission. He lasted nearly 3 hours.

Zheng Xiangling grew up dirt poor, but now is worth billions, and just like I asked weeks back, in a new set of articles published this week, people are starting to ask as well, if she used her powers to get where she is? Her medical diagnosis using ‘X-Ray Vision” may have been the tip of the iceberg. Can she tell if someone is lying? See through Walls…safes etc.

Her Billions are mainly in Pharmaceuticals…Yup

She’s come along way huh?


I grew up dirt poor as well, but when I got my powers, I was as I am now more interested in the science aspect of it all. I did speak about running scams with my friends to make money, but that was a no go as I would be happy with just enough to live on and for research.

To my friends, it would be easy money, and so it would never be enough. They’d always come back for more even after our business was done.
I know nothing about sports, but I had an idea of things like boxing matches, but “bending” the favorite to win and have friends place bets for me. “Bending” the quarterback of a team favored to win and again having a friend place a bet for me.

I had a friend offer to take me to Vegas, and all he said I would have to do is stand next to him and “bend” the dealer, but again all of this is easy money. It would never end with them, and they’d always want more. So I never put myself in those situations. I figure anything I do, Id have to do it alone.

In the end, it looks like those of us who use our powers to get ahead are just like ordinary people in school or at our jobs. It depends on one’s will and desire to succeed.

I have  a friend, who is a straight hippie. The woman is gorgeous from top to bottom, and guys are always asking her out, but she declines. She wants to live off the grid in the woods, eat berries etc.

She takes no over the counter medicine, only natural stuff…all hippie. If she was a bad person, she could fleece all the men asking her out, she’d never want for anything. She desires no fame or fortune, and wants a simple life.

Not everyone cares about money and fame.

Powers or no powers, it also depends on the individual and his or her surroundings…friends, parents etc. It’s the same for those who decide to commit crimes, with powers or no powers. It’s who you really are that comes out.
Kanzawa Sensei and I have the same powers, and yet, our lives are vastly different. He has had the best scientists and technology at his disposal.
Everything I’ve learned, I taught myself from nothing.

I still have a few things up my sleeve, but that another story, I hope to tell you guys soon.




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December 25, 2020 1:28 am

Hello Brother Faustia. You mention manifestation of spirits into the physical world. I wonder if this video I came across is genuine footage of such phenomena? https://youtu.be/KMcxcuPmdBQ

I recognize about half of the people in the pics in this thread but could you please give us the name of all of them? I recognize Bardon, Blavatsky, Pike, Randolph, Kulagina. Who are the others?

December 28, 2020 6:48 pm

Is there video footage of Lavernenko scaling the wall like that? I would love to see that

December 31, 2020 10:33 pm
Reply to  Solvet_coagula

Ive never seen it but it wouldnt surprise me that Valery lavernenko could climb sheet metal walls as I think I remember him back in the early nineties sticking spoons,pots and pans to his bare arms,legs and chest like he was a magnet live on TV.

January 5, 2021 3:12 am
Reply to  faustia

Thank you brother. Extremely cool video. Also idk if you heard but James Randi finally passed away a few months back. I’m ashamed to admit it but I’m happy he’s dead.

January 5, 2021 3:14 am
Reply to  faustia

Thank you for checking it out. Are there any legit videos you’ve seen out there that show physical manifestation?

Kylo Ren
Kylo Ren
January 7, 2021 10:21 pm

Hey Faustia, How can you induce faith in a human being to create a magic chain? I know I can use alphabet from the quaballah. But what are other ways. Please list as many as you can. Please and thank you. And, Can you take animal magnetism from a human being and how? Also if the eyes naturally emanate astral light/ animal magnetism which is the energy that people feel when they say they feel someone looking at them and the energy of the body is produced by the brain so does that mean that the energy which emanates from… Read more »

January 8, 2021 9:11 pm
Reply to  faustia

Right there bro faustia and John Chang was an absolute legend! I do wonder if its unfair to compare them in one way though as John had to study very hard with a master who according to John himself was strict in training and believed himself to never reach anywhere near his masters level in his lifetime and Lavernenko just acquired his gifts overnight after suffering a head injury when he was young which he says was from flying rocks from a grounded UFO but I think more likely his mates were trying to get his attention from day dreaming… Read more »

May 1, 2021 1:56 pm
Reply to  faustia

Brother Faustia. I know of 3 people who can teleport things. I see in your posts you still want this ability and I do as well. Two of them are kids who teach for free. You or I can delete this message after you see it but please contact me and I will direct you to them. enriquezbenny89@yahoo.com. Phone 979 2573937

March 24, 2022 11:57 pm

Faustia , I may be just an average schmuck but I am compelled to adress you . I have been watching your youtube vids since your first channel . I recognize your frustration on how one could be living better with such abilities , especially when you see billionaires . I think that some degree of struggle is humbling and keeps you straight . If you start making loads of money you’ll encounter people with very corrupting attitudes that WILL lead you astray and bind you with fear of losing it all . Your goal of preventing bastardisation of the… Read more »

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