Why are most “Exceptionals” Criminals? Part 1 – Students of the Hermetic Sciences

The reason for writing this post is that I saw something unexpected, well, two surprising things. The first was a Billionaire “Exceptional,” and the second was an “Exceptional” living in what looks to be poverty and, as a result, may have used his powers for criminal activity.
The primary question for the first part of this post is, why are our “Brothers” and “Sisters” reduced to using their powers for nefarious reasons. Why are we also living in standards below the humans with no powers…why?
Before I start, let me explain what an “Exceptional is.

EHF or (Exceptional Human Function) is a term coined by the Chinese studying people with powers not attributed to ordinary humans. EHF for short, so I use the term “Exceptional” or “E.” I Don’t want to use words in movies, Tv, or comics, even though they have “borrowed” words from us, like Mutant. I have studied “E’s” for years. Some are born with powers, and others have trained for their powers. I don’t use words like abilities or gifts because they are neither. An “Exceptional” can use his/her powers in real-time and are associated with moving energy on a macroscopic scale visually.

This is where our story starts.
I like to check now and then on the “E’s” I’ve studied over the years to see how they are doing if their powers are increased, decreased, or gone.

The woman in the photo below is, 56 year old  Zheng Xiangling, she is from China and worth 6.6 Billion Dollars. The curious thing about Mrs. Xiangling is not her wealth, but that fact that when a child she was famous in her poverty ridden village for displaying the power of X-Ray vision. Sometimes called “Buddha’s Eye” “God’s Eye” or “Spiritual Sight.” She seemed to have inherited this power from her grandfather.  Her uncle and brother also have this same power.

  At 15 she joined the Military Medical Corp and this would give her solid ground on which to keep a. clear head and not let her wealth that she married into later on in life corrupt her, as she remembered the people in poverty in her village and always gives back to those in need all over China.  She has also moved up on her own in business. The question that must be asked is, did she use her powers to get to this high social status?

Sorry, but will continue in the morning 11/11/2020

Always busy and doing multiple things at once.

It’s sad seeing what’s happened to one of our brothers.


After making several appearances on tv, showcasing his powers, I thought there would be great things for the “Superman.”
Imagine my surprise when I found out that Mr. Lavernenko started using his powers to fleece individuals. These individuals were said to be traders and men of finance—Laverenko’s M.O. was a form of hypnosis. ( Mind-Bending) Using notebook paper and passing them off as cheques for the purchase of merchandise. Authorities say that he may have been involved in other criminal activities using his powers. Allegedly none of the victims could remember enough to point the finger…

What is the difference between Mr. Lavernenko and Mrs. Xiangling?
Not just the obvious of one is worth Billions and the other performing stunts to make a living.

Here she is living the lavish lifestyle of a Queen.

Here he is performing a stunt where he is buried underground, and in which he managed to last an astonishing three hours.

She is an “E” Alpha Level and I’m sure she has used her “Spiritual Sight” to benefit her and her husband.
Lavernenko is an “E” Omega Level and can be called an “Exceptional.” He is a walking Demigod.

Why the hell is he in this situation? WTF!

Even James Randi avoided this guy LOL (That’s another story)


The two clips below will begin to shed a little light on our question. Why are most “Exceptionals” Criminals?

Unfortunately  I have to come back in the morning as I’m still juggling priorities.

See you 11/12 in the morning.

What that thief is doing is actual hypnosis or Mesmerism as it was called at the turn of the 19 century. The only reason the police and or the news channel called this guy is, they had no clue what they had on their hands. Hypnotherapy and Mesmerism are as different as Bologna and Steak.

If you listen to the victim and his wife, they are just repeating what the Hypnotherapist told the cops. No one in that video has a clue of what happened…so let me explain it. (Short version)
Our bodies work on the same energy that the cosmos was made from. Some of us have more than others, and some can train to raise their level up. These energies are regulated by our Chakras (Spiritual Circuits) and controlled by the mind.

There are seven main chakras, and our bodies are covered in minor energy points called Meridians. Meridians are like Spiritual Wires that channel this energy. This energy is regulated by our Chakras and sent through the thousands of Meridians that are connected to different areas all over our bodies. When these Meridians become blocked, that’s when disease or illness begins.
What the thief is using is a form of “Chi-Blocking,” but on a smaller scale. He is using his energy to overcome the energy centers of his victims. Dim-Mak or sometimes called ‘The Death Touch,” is an ancient technique that uses these points to kill. Acupuncturists use these same centers with needles to open these centers if they are blocked.

This next video is the first video I ever uploaded of me using “my Powers.” (I love saying that, LOL)
The Technique I use I call “Lord Shiva’s Breath.”

(Short Version) Like the videos above, I’ve learned to harness the energy called “Chi.” I’m using it on the birds, but it will work on any form of organic matter. I’m not sure what else I’m capable of, but we’ll get to that later on in this post. For now, I use just animals for practice.

I like to use birds and other nervous creatures because this keeps all the assholes trolls, who try to repeat this using tricks. I like to make it hard for them (And for myself), so I put them in the mesmeric state, and I clap in the video to wake the birds up and then put them back in the mesmeric state again. This is to show the sleep is not consensual.

Now, look at the same video again…

You’ll see it makes more sense.

“Distraction Tactics?” You are going to let a strange person touch you all over your body and even go in your pockets, by being distacted by his/her conversation? 


Below: I have a had a few of these texts for years and have been getting them translated slowly. Took me forever to find a translator.

The first guy, was Chinese but he said, it would be hard translating them. So I said, “Hey, I thought you were Chinese?” Him: “I am Chinese!, but that text has words I’m not familiar with and need someone skilled in that teaching to get the right translation for you!” LOL, he was pretty pissed. LOL

Yeah, everything you just read was just a “tactic.” I hate these PhD MF’s, who think they can explain thousands of years of ancient teachings, when their own science is less than one hundred years old. Fuck outta here.

Gotta go, will return in the morn 11/13/20 for next installment.

Even though Zheng Xiangling is a Billionaire and gives to the poor etc., it doesn’t mean that her wealth was not gained by…some form of deception. We all know, to keep vast amounts of wealth, you must do some pretty dishonest things and will do plenty more dishonest things to keep that wealth. (whether you’re a righteous person or not)

Let’s say everything she has, was gained by straightforward, honest business dealings. Would using her powers to gain the upper hand be considered dishonest or natural selection?


If it is natural selection, why hasn’t Mr. Levernenko used his powers to advance himself?

Let’s take a look at American swimmer Michael Phelps

 “Michael Fred Phelps II is an American former competitive swimmer and the most successful and most decorated Olympian of all time, with a total of 28 medals. Phelps also holds the all-time records for Olympic gold medals, Olympic gold medals in individual events, and Olympic medals in individual events.”

What most people don’t know is that Phelps was born genetically enhanced to be the perfect swimmer. 

Phelps was pretty much born to be a real Aquaman, and even though his competitors may have trained just as hard, Phelps genetic anomaly’s would nearly always give him the edge.

Phelps is not an “E” but he is for his sport genetically enhanced to beat the average human and even a well tuned athlete.

Is it unfair or just natural selection?

Should we (E’s) use our powers to advance ourselves and should genetically enhanced humans use their abilities do the same?

Gotta Go…I know, but time is always short, will continue Sunday Night 11/15

Kanzawa Sensei and I have the same powers, pretty cool, right!?
Other than a few differences in how we use our powers, like how we channel it and how we use it, the effects are the same.
Kanzawa Sensei got his powers in 1988 from some unknown event that he really can’t explain but remembered having several explosion like events in his head for several nights during a one week period.

I got my powers in 2010 through training in several ancient systems.
My system I named “Lord Shiva’s Breath” because the foundation of my training is from a Hindu and Atlantian system. I named it after Lord Shiva because, in Hindu scriptures, he is the destroyer of worlds.

(Short Version) Lord Brahma is the creator, Lord Vishnu maintains our reality, and Lord Shiva will destroy, to make way for the second day of Brahama. I have to destroy the Mental, Physical and Spiritual worlds, one by one, to use my powers.


Kanzawa Sensei uses his Laogoing and Yongquan points to emit his Chi.

My System (Lord Shiva’s Breath) works more like the photo below as the Pineal and Pituitary glands are being activated…or I should say reactivated and  allows me to influence the reality around me.

Me comparing our powers together may help answer the question of why “E’s” go down different social paths. Why are some successful and may have used their powers to help them succeed, and others lead everyday lives without using their powers to get ahead?

Next Post 11/17

This video is puts me in a bad mood, every time I watch it. As I was saying earlier, Kanzawa Sensei and I have the same powers, so me having to watch him travel the world, showing that his powers are real…Kinda Sucks LOL

 The video is in Japanese, but it was filmed in the United States. What-The-Fuck??!!  As I keep saying, this is why I’m always talking shit about American Scientists. Every Chance they get, they’ll put some Bullshit Psychic of TV, just to debunk that person in public.

Here’s a guy (Kanzawa) who has real powers and will gladly display them under scientific control standards…and these motherfuckers run? Fuck outta here!! Why do you think, before he died this past October 2020, James Randi and his Minions avoided Kanzawa Sensei for years. FEAR


Frauds, busting frauds, how the hell does that work? LOL

And people want to get upset, when I talk about Nazi Science. Fuck outta here.

What choice did I have? Learn nothing or learn science that came from Nazi Scientists? I made out like a bandit.

Just like the United States did after WWII.  Why? We had no choice as we were dealing with the same bullshit, theoretical motherfuckers, we are dealing with today.

The U.S. acquired Nazi mainstream science and I took the lesser known esoteric science.

I said this before, nearly all of my books are translated from foreign languages. German, Sanskrit, Chinese, Russian, Czech, French, Polish. The books I have that were originally in English, came from England.

Here we go again, because guess what? After waiting 13 years… I say 13 years because I saw Kanzawa Sensei’s first video in 2006 and two of his books were finally published in English in 2019. Yeah…and I have them both. The things I figured out for myself, he confirmed, so that was awesome finding it out.


Since we have the same powers, these two books are like school text books to me, and they are on my reference shelf.


I don’t want the loading time on this page to be too long, so I’ll be back in the morning 11/18 and starting a new page for this post.

I’ll leave a link here.

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November 28, 2020 1:27 pm

Hi, Can ask you are Tadashis books easy to read and understand for a newbie westerner and have you read Cyclomancy by frank young ? I ask as I read it recently and what your describing as energy flowing out of your eyes sounds very similar to what frank writes and calls in that book his “brain horns” aka his eyeballs power ?

November 29, 2020 4:38 pm
Reply to  faustia

Thanks faustia, I’ve got all his books except his last one, Zoroaster or something which apparently is a rare one. I’ve just gotten into reading his cyclomancy book thanks to a new lockdown and I’m surprisingly getting reasonable results after just a few weeks with sending warm thought rockets to either hand though its been hard going sometimes to truly get what Frank is trying to get across to his reader as he jumps from beginner exercises to advanced to non book sourced info I think he assumes we should all know??? After watching youtuber brother panic it filled in… Read more »

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