Why are most “Exceptionals” criminals? Part 3 – Students of the Hermetic Sciences

I met one of these gurujis around 2001-2002; he came into the store I was working in at the time. I can’t remember how the conversation started, but three other people in the store I worked with met him.
He wanted to know that if he could read our minds if we would give him a donation. We all agreed that we would. I never gave any impression that I was interested in such things, so in my mind, I was thinking (I’m going to wreck this dude.) I thought it was going to be some B.S.

He asked us to “write down the name of a flower and a number on a small piece of paper.” We all went several feet away from the guruji and started to think of a flower and number. (I think the number was between 1-100)

I was thinking of something out of the ordinary like daisy or violet.
I went to write the flower but chose neither violet nor daisy…I chose “Rose.” Don’t ask me why I don’t know. So when we said we were done, he told us to fold up the paper as small as possible. I gave him my ball of paper, and he rolled the paper around in between his index finger and thumb while mumbling some words with his eyes closed. I kept my eye on his fingers and the paper. (I could not hear what he was mumbling)
He opened his eyes and said “Rose” and my number…we all chose Rose., not sure about the numbers, can’t remember.
We gave him a decent donation, and he left. I wanted to ask him so many questions, but as usual, I was working…sucked.

We all got together, and all of us wanted to put different flowers, but for some reason, we all chose Rose.

We think he implanted the thought in our minds. Yeah, brothers and sisters, your boy got “bent.” LOL LOL
I wouldn’t get my powers for another 9-10 years, but I wish I would have had them then.


He was dressed like the guy in the picture below, but wore a turban too, also white.

I understand how this works from a personal experience of mine, even though I have only “bent” animals so far.
I had just gotten my powers, and maybe 4-5 months had passed, so I was still pretty new to using and understanding them…but still wanted to show off to umm… “Bianca.” What?! LOL She was hot. LOL

So, those two love birds in the cage, you see me “bending,” I was trying to “bend” those. I tried and was putting so much effort into it, I actually started to sweat, and my lungs started to hurt as well.

(Remember this was still new to me) I felt stupid. LOL
I think they barely closed their eyes, so I looked back…

(She was sitting in a chair on my left-hand side, I was standing.) I just said I’m not sure what happened. She said that she had started to dream and hallucinate. I asked her about what, and she said she didn’t know. I asked her what she saw? She just kept saying she wasn’t sure, “it was like a dream.”

It’s like being on drugs, drunk, or someone who hasn’t slept in days. You can do a lot of things to that person, and the person may have no recollection of what happened.


Remember, my energy is emitted from my eyes and my auric field, so she must have been caught in that field.


Will be back on 11/27 or 11/28

The scans below are from a set of books I have from 1895.

They are Q&A of Masters from the old lodges of Europe to their students.

This section is about the Electric, Magnetic and Auric Fluids and their use in Hypnotism, Mesmerism and their powers over Humans.


As you can see, these “fluids” can heal and the same can kill as well.

I guess I’m on the fifth plane…Boom!! 🙂

They are saying, just as a person can be made to hand over all his or her money, the same person can also be your proxy in criminal acts. They can be made to rob and even kill for you, if the mesmerist is powerful enough.

BUT…You have to understand the difference, the ones who get caught the most and sentenced in a court of law, are those supposed hypnotherapy people, who commit their crimes in office and are turned in by their victims who are usually unstable or have emotional problems, but do remember the sessions.

Like this Bonehead.


Will someone please hose this dude off!!


Here’s another one.

A camper in the back of the house, where “treatment” is given? Nothing suspicious at all.

Those were induced hypnotic states dealing with the subconscious of people who were already borderline. You ever see how some people get transfixed by shiny objects? ( Like the joke) It’s basically the same technique.


This is nothing like the mesmerism, we’ve seen in the earlier videos, where the crooks rob you in seconds.


Will be back on the 11/30 or 12/1

The photos above, are of an 8 year old Military Officer in China…Yeah…A Military Officer. He was recruited into a special division for young people with special powers. He is not an “E” (I’m not 100% certain.)) but, is a human with an extraordinary ability for math. The Chinese Military recruited him as a future tactical expert, because machines may not always be accessible on the battlefield.


The photos below are a class of Chinese children 20 years ago, being trained to read with their fingers, hands and to open their third eyes.


The ones who were scientifically proven successful, have become property of the state.


Why is this a problem for us here in the United States?

It’s because, with a passport or student Visa, they can come and go at will as long as they follow the laws here. They can be searched with metal detectors and even stripped searched and nothing will be found, because they are the weapon!!

This is why our scientists here in the states are always on some dumb shit, they never ever see the big picture.

American scientists think, if they debunk something or say it doesn’t exists, the world must follow.

This from a bunch of motherfuckers who some 80 years later, are still living off of, and taking credit for Nazi science and technology.

LOL Fuck outta here.


Will be back on 12/1


What if, there are more factors in the actions of these “Exceptionals,” than we are privy to?

We may think that the old saying, “absolute power, corrupts absolutely” is true, but again we don’t know what pushed a person on this path.


A good home, family and love, may help to aid in self control of these powers.

Knowing you could destroy someone in an instant, but having to face those love ones that you may hurt in your loss of self control or the downright abuse of your powers, may be the biggest deterrent.

In the end, is it who we are on the inside that shows up, when we become someones boss, become wealthy, or obtain that extra something that puts us above other humans?

Is it survival of the fittest or natural selection, that wants us to survive?

I believe each person is different and there are just too many variables, to really label a group of people.

There are just too many assholes in the world, to get revenge on them all, is the way I see it.

LINK to part 4 will be put here when ready in a few days.

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John Doe
John Doe
December 1, 2020 11:25 pm

Hi, faustia, I read that the human eyes are one of the exit points that the astral light/ animal magnetism emanates from. Would it be possible for all/ every ounce of the the astral light/ animal magnetism of a human or animal to exit the body? Does this happen during death? Was this one of the points of human/animal sacrifices of ancient times? And where would the energy exit the body?

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