Why are most “Exceptionals” criminals? Part 2 – Students of the Hermetic Sciences

Since Kanzawa Sensei and I both have the same powers, I think comparing our powers and lives, might be a good way to ask that question…Why are most “Exceptionals” Criminals?

I’ve had my powers since 2010, but have been training in the esoteric, 40+years.

Kanzawa Sensei has had his powers, since 1988 and were gained by unknown causes.

* My guess, some paid karmic debt.*

I don’t know how to heal.

Can not only heal, but is headmaster of a school in Japan, (and possibly one in France) where he teaches healing and heals patients as well.

 I can look at the live feed of a video screen no matter where it is focused on anywhere in the world, and can put an animal to sleep on the other end.

The name that I learned from the Russian experiments was, remote influencing, or remote strangulation for the assassins.

LOL aka “Force Grip”

BELOW: Me remote influencing a bird in Japan.

“You have failed me for the last time.”

Kawanza Sensei can do this too and he calls it, “remote healing.”

I can manipulate Time.

I’m not sure if he can, or if he even knows that it’s in his power.

I emit energy from my eyes and the auric field surrounding my body.

He emits energy from the soles of his feet and center of his palms.

I haven’t started practicing on humans yet.

Kanzawa Sensei can put Humans under his influence.

Kanzawa Sensei, has his own school, travels the world and gets to look at his powers from a scientific perspective. Me?, as of this posting, I’m waiting for season two of the Witcher, LOL

Have to get going will be back tomorrow 11/20/2020.

I’ll be talking about the religious scam my friends wanted to do in using my powers to make money.

Only a few close friends of mine know about my powers, and whenever they see me, they’re always busting my chops. 

“Here he is, the guy that could be worth millions but would rather break his back at work than to make money using his powers.”

One night when GTA V multiplayer came out, the 3 of us got together to play online. So they’re on me about the same thing. This time, I decided to humor them; I told them about an idea I had using my powers to make lots of money. They were all in before I even explained. LOL

I said I could pretend that I got my powers from Jesus after having a near-death experience. They were all still in. 

I said that I could go on social media and say that I met Jesus in heaven after having a near-death experience, and he gave me an extraordinary power to show his believers that he is Lord and will return to gather his chosen ones.


So they wanted me to explain more about how this would work.

I almost died, I met Jesus, he gave me powers to show his believers, equals we get donations.

[All togther] ‘Ooooohhh’

One of you can be my manager, one my head of security and the other, my booking agent. All were still in.

I then told them how my first sermon would start online.

I was a sinner…I said…I was a sinner!, but now I work for the Lord.

[The guys said “Amen!!”] LOL

I lived my life as a sinner; I loved life; I loved women; I loved lots of women. Brothers and Sisters, I was a freak; I wasn’t just a freak…I was a super freak. I wore a cape and flew around with a big “S” on my chest.

(I heard that last phrase from a real sermon. LOL)

The Lord God struck me down. (I was in a real accident.)

As I felt the life flee from my corrupted and Godless body, I could feel the heat of hell and Satan and his minions welcoming me to that fiery furnace akin to the one that Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego once stood in.

 (I grew up in the church, so displaying bible knowledge for the listeners)

As I saw the demons reaching for me, and Satan was laughing, I cried out, Lord, if you give me another chance, I promise to serve you and end my sinful ways. Then I saw a light so bright the demons ran, and Satan hid from it. A hand reached for me, and I heard a voice say, “I have heard you, my son, and my father has heard you.” I asked, “are you an angel, he said that he was before the angels were. I asked if he was God or Jesus, and he said, “My father and I are one.” I never saw the being because of the brightness of his appearance. He said the time was close for his return and that I would go back to spread his word. I told the Lord that no one would believe me, and the Lord quoted Isaiah 11:6 and touched my on my head. I felt full of the holy spirit.

Isaiah 11:6

The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young lion and the fatted calf together, and a little child shall lead them.”


“The Lord said, as Silver Surfer was to Galactus, you shall be my herald. Like a Pokemon, I choose you!

When spreading my word, say my name and recognize that I am Lord, and my creatures will bow before thee.”

So that’s it. I’d say, “Jesus Christ is Lord!” and then “bend” the animal; people would think it was Jesus. I’d get donations to continue the Lord’s work. LOL

Then another scenario, if scientists tried to debunk me, that would be even better. Since my powers are real, Id have nothing to worry about; plus, I’d make sure it was on the internet, so when I beat them…

“Men think that their science can understand God’s works!!”

“Men brought their science, and I brought the power of Jesus Christ!!”

(While holding a Bible in the air.) [Crowd goes wild]

The money would roll in. LOL

Anyway, they were all in until I told them I wasn’t doing it.

I’m capable of some foul things, but robbing a person’s faith or spirituality is not one of them. They were cursing me out for getting their hopes up. LOL

One said he’d take me to Vegas to “bend” the dealer while he played and another said he’d make sports bets, and all I would have to do is “bend” the player he pointed out to me. ( I know nothing about sports)

Maybe this is why “Exceptionals” commit crimes or have shady dealings…there’s nothing for us in the human world.


Kanzawa Sensei using his chi on a herd of Alpacas in California.

Me “bending” some Alpacas remotely somewhere in the world. I can’t remember where they are. Distance, Time or Space does not matter.

Will be back tomorrow, sorry so short, you’d think time would be on my side. LOL.

I’ll discuss a little about the Soviet and Nazi Experiments in the field of Telepathy.

11/21 continued…

Someone who took a visit to Hitler’s Occult room at Adlerhorst. (Eagles Nest)

He describes what he saw there as shown to him by Hitler himself.

Hitler’s occult room was called, “The Chamber of Stars.”

The story you just read was a first-hand account of what part of Adolf Hitler’s occult rooms at Adlerhorts consisted of. As I’ve shown you by some of the articles I’ve posted on this site, Hitler and the Nazis were interested in more than just astrology.
He had Astrologers who could chart and outline the best times to act on any plan. He had “E’s” (Judges) Like the ones mentioned above, but Hitler figured if one was powerful, having more than one working together would be nearly unstoppable.

It was like some Justice League of the Occult.


Below, a group of German Masons from one of the most powerful lodges in Europe during the ’40s, using the same Technique.
A “Judge” is a person like myself, who has strong mental powers and can reshape reality in real-time.
David Icke was right about this happening in our world. (Reality Shaping)

“MUMIA”-Genetic Material (Hair, Nail, Saliva, Semen, Blood, Skin etc.) Your Photo or in our current era..Video as well.

About  10 years ago I predicted that the Tepaphone was a Magic Lantern like device. People said I was wrong…

The description of Hitler’s device, proves I was right.

This is why I only listen to myself.

A Russian team has mapped out the Acupuncture energy centers of the body and without knowing its Chinese counterparts even exsisted.

I’ve read hundreds of papers like the ones above from scientists of the old Soviet Empire.

If you haven’t read my post on, “Soviets Capture Hitler’s Omega Level Telepaths,” I put a link below.

Those Powerful “Judges,” (E’s) you read about about, who worked in Hitler’s Occult room, “The Chamber of Stars, were captured by the Russians.

That Soviet Paper was published sometime in the late 60’s to early 70’s.

If you look at my videos of me “bending” animals, I have always mentioned their  scratching, but never knew why.

In Kanzawa Sensei’s Book, he finally gave me the answer as to why they scratch.

It looks like Kanzawa Sensei found that same thing the Soviet scientists  did some 50 years earlier.

Science merged with the esoteric. This is what is called. “Psychotronics or “Psychoenergetics.”

The merging of consciousness and machine.

It took me 10 years to get that information. This is why, I’m in a lousy mood when reading some of this.

Like I said, nearly all of the books published on the esoteric here in the U.S., is just to make money and followers. Nobody knows shit. I had to wait 10 years of my life, to get a book translated from another foreign source because of all of the frauds here in the states.

Yes, there are frauds all over the world, but I live here in the States and can only read English.

You’ve seen the internet ads for all these esoteric channels where all of the big names in UFO’s, Consciousness, Energy work, Ancient civilizations, time travel,  etc. converge. Yet, even with all these big names, they are no  closer in displaying any proof, even with financial backing behind them…What the hell!!?

This is their only goddamn job, yet book after book, program after program, seminar after seminar, year after year it’s the same bullshit. 

‘What if’?”  “The theory is…” “How was it done?” “An anonymous source told me…”

All of these people working together can’t figure any of this out?

Fuck outta here.

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November 23, 2020 7:16 pm

Hi Brother,

Nice Article it is long time, since we discussed in comment section.

I would like to share few of the master in south india who stays near my city. Please watch this video.

(Watch 1.30)
https://youtu.be/0vB9iPkGwOg (explains how his power works)

This Guru can Hypnotize/Bend Animals, Human beings and he also help past life regression training. He doesn’t share his training but relies on Indian Gods deities.

Here is list playlist of many Authentic and non-Authentic videos on India mystery weird powers.

all are in local indian language sorry

James Van Gelder
September 15, 2021 5:16 am

Hi Faustia,

Long time no talk, last time we talked I was in India discussing mo pai with you about ten years ago. Glad the books made it your way. I would be happy to send you his latest book for free once we are done translating it in a year or two. Anyways great article very interesting!

James V

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