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Some people will see this and wonder about this post, so I’m not going to mince my words. I’m just keeping my promise. “You” come here and insist on fucking with me. L.O.L., I don’t understand it. Is it because you’re used to people groveling and cowering before you? What the hell! All of this because I made a video on YouTube about Hitler’s Space Program? Not only did I repost it here, but I also enhanced it, and along the way, fixed all of the other Historical lies that you have forced on the American people.

You love the truth; tell the American people the truth about the U.S.S. Liberty and what Israel is doing to our Constitution as I write this. (Yeah, I know about that too) So don’t come here with some accusations of Antisemitism to hide your crimes. 

I told the goddamn truth. I’m here on my site now, and you send Zionist Trolls and YouTube Moderators to cause me grief, time, and money. I told you that I would post every lie ever told about Adolf Hitler, to say, “Fuck You,” and yet, you persist. You actually tried to target my family monetarily. Big, Big Mistake…

So now, Im going to up my game. Enjoy

As you all know, my only interest in Hitler and the Nazis was their involvement with the occult, but I have accumulated a vast amount of materials in my search over the years. Most of this wasn’t meant to see the light of day. So, I guess this time; you fucked with the wrong person.

You Trolls wanted my attention; now you have it.



“Though some present-day bigots have flocked to newer ideologies such as denial of the Holocaust, much anti-Semitism still revolves around the basic conspiratorial ideas expressed by older anti-Semitic texts. By offering older texts at their Web sites, today’s haters demonstrate the longevity of their beliefs, thereby legitimizing them to both dedicated followers and potential recruits.

Due to the fame of its publisher, Henry Ford Sr., The International Jew, a four-volume anti-Semitic work first published in the 1920s, has been a particularly powerful tool for haters trying to validate their hostile beliefs. Though Ford publicly apologized twice for publishing The International Jew, online anti-Semites continue to use his name to promote it.”

The International Jew portrayed Jews as monolithic, malicious schemers plotting to control the planet. If there is one quality that attracts Jews, it is power, the book stated. Wherever the seat of power may be, thither they swarm obsequiously.” 

The Jewish Virtual Library



  The International Jew, was published in November of 1920.

Now, one hundred years later, we are going to analyze this book and see if Henry Ford Sr. was indeed and Anti-semite or Prophet.

Well, whataya know…I have an original copy. How bout that.

I will be scanning the pages and when Mr, Ford makes an accusation, we will see if being 100 years later has changed those accusations made 100 years previous.

As Americans we know the above statement to be true.

Keep in mind that this book is an original of The International jew from 1920.

We as Americans know the above staement to be true. This is why the Rothschild’s helped finance Adolf Hitler, as this would push after the war sympathy from the world and the Jews would be given Palestine.

Baron Von Rothschild Helped the Bankers Finance Adolf Hitler (1935)


This newspapers in from 1939

Israel is formed in 1948.

I’m sure these were just lucky guesses by Henry Ford Sr, and his researchers.

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The List below are some of the Loans to different countries the Rothschild’s were involved in. The pages are scanned from a Jewish Encyclopedia.

As far as Civilized Nations, other than China and non Communist Russia, there are not too many leaders who don’t cower before Israel. 

I’m not sure how many of you seeing this are Christian, but in Bible Prophecy, as I was growing up (Without going too long), said that Israel would reclaim its land again. It would take Palestine (Which is almost complete.) Jerusalem would be theirs. (President Trump declared it the capital of Isreal) All Middle East countries have fallen or in such conflict (caused by Israel) that they pose no threat to Israel.
The only two that are left are Iran and Syria. This is why I believe Israel did not push for President Trump’s reelection. The President was set to attack Iran on June 21, 2019, but within 10 minutes of the targets being hit, the President aborted. Imagine how pissed Israel was, LOL. The only reason Syria still stands is that the Russian’s are there, and Russia isn’t some pissant country we (America) can scare or want to go to war with.

The rest of the Prophecy states that there are 3 prerequisites before Israel’s “Messiah” comes, the temple must be rebuilt, the ark of the covenant must be found…I forget the 3…but anyway, a Muslim mosque sits where the new temple will be built. My guess is, Israel will cause some major incidents the likes of which no one has seen since 911 and blame it on the Arabs.

Their new temple will be built on the ground where the mosque now stands with the blessing of the (unaware) world. Their messiah” will come, and he/it is supposed to destroy Jesus on his return and Christianity as with all religions will be the footstool of Judaism.
There will then be peace. LMFAO
That’s the Prophecy Mr. Ford is referring to. That’s the short version. I’ll have to find the old text on that Prophecy and post it.

Let’s see how fast Israel will get “Sleepy Joe”  Biden aka “Jim Crow Joe”  and “The Chameleon” Harris with American Planes headed towards Iran.
Harris’s Husband is Jewish, so I guess he’ll take Kushner’s place.

Milton Kapner was born on Sept. 5, 1950, to Solomon and Rebecca Kapner, both Jewish, but both accepting of other ideas. Kapner converted to Orthodox Christianity and now goes by the name Brother Nathanael. He spills the secrets of our Zionist Masters and what he learned from being on the inside.

This dude was banned from YouTube LOL, you’ll see why. Fuck, I’m surprised he’s still alive.

So Invisible Money (Credit) with real Interest. Wow
Having Gentile Fronts is right too. Mr. Ford mentioned the Jews being in control of tobacco, cotton, and sugar markets. Those were harvested by whom? Black slaves, right?

The Jews say that their involvement in the slave trade was minimal, but this is a lie as I looked into it myself. Their involvement was vast, but the White Gentiles get the blame. All the Gangster, degrading, and violent rap music, you see, have the faces of black people, but all the executives are Jews (Hows that possible LOL)

This is why Hitler put those yellow stars on them, not because of the Jewish religion, but because they looked white and worked as Germans by mouth, but actually did everything to undermine and corrupt Germany. So the stars let everyone know who was a German for Germany and who was only German by name.

We’re all at each others throats behind lies.

Gentile Fronts

An African-American apologizes for misattributed perceptions of white racism against blacks perpetrated by Jews.



This is just up to page 16 LOL

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The statement below could not have been more prophetic. I’m reading this book for the first time with all of you. Germany knew as well as countless other countries, that Jews ruled from behind the scenes.

Keep in mind that this book is an original from 1920, so Adolf Hitler was 30 years old and would not acquire power over Germany for another 13 years.

The Zionist Jews want to blame this book for Hitler and antisemitism, when in fact, the Zionists were/are angry, that like Henry Ford Sr., Adolf Hitler did what everyone else was afraid to do…point them out.

What’s happening to Germany is meant to be a lesson, to any country who dares to challenge the Zionists power.

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Keep in mind that this is the original 1920 edition. I’m reading this for the first time with you.


LOL Goddamn!! The Rabbit Hole Runs Deep!!

I wonder when the last time our men and women of the military got a standing ovations like that from our political leaders?

That speech in 2015 was controversial…

“WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner on Wednesday invited Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to address Congress on Iran without consulting President Barack Obama, and the White House questioned whether protocol had been violated.”


In other words old “BiBi” just strolled right in like he had a key. Oh wait…never mind. LOL



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1.New York is indeed a second capital as Israel has a state now. 

2. The United States Military is now Israel’s Proxy Military, as England’s once was…and still is to a certain degree, when we (America) need backup. It will be English warships supporting us, when when Israel pushes us into war with Iran.


This is the real reason, Zionist Jews hated Hitler. Hitler said, “no more.”

The video below is one of the major reasons, American citizens supported the war against Iraq and the overthrow of Saddam Hussein.

I remember watching this and being enraged, only to find out years later, that this young lady was lying, hired by…well you can figure out the rest.

People wonder why Conspiracies exist? This video is textbook why they do.


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Like Ive been saying, the “take over Palestine plan,” has been in the minds of Zionists for decades even before Hitler was born. Hitler unknowingly, was a part of that plan and why the Rothschild’s funded him.

Again, it’s some old Prophecy about the Jewish Messiah, who is to come. (Not Jesus, the other one.) Before he  comes there must be several prerequisites…one of them is a fully conquered Palestine. 

So Zionist Jews are trying to bring about the apocalypse…No big deal LOL



Wait…so Jews have been using the cry of Anti-semitism to silence people since Henry Ford’s time, as they are doing today? LOL

And so…the truth comes out. LOL

He ended up in an “accident,” and later died from his injuries. Yeah…

As I said before, the reason President Trump didn’t have the Jews backing him, the second time around is, the President called off the attack on Iran.


If the President went through with the attack, he’d be serving a second term.


 Next Post December 21


LMFAO: One Hundred Years Ago!


If Jews were really interested in stamping out, true Anti-Semitism, they would understand this.

The word, “Anti-Semite,” has been weaponized to silence any criticism of Israel’s crimes across the globe.

This book is still branded “Anti-Semitic” today, as it was one hundred years ago.

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