Adolf Hitler’s Plan to Weaponize and Colonize Space, for a Greater Germany. (1945)Part II – Students of the Hermetic Sciences

This is part II of a series of posts, showing that every manmade object in space has its origins in Nazi Germany.
Let’s recap.
After he had conquered and defeated the allied nations by dropping atomic bombs on them from space, using his newly created spaceplanes, Hitler planned to erect a huge monument in Berlin to honor the German dead and to have them erected in conquered nations throughout Europe as well.
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The monument was to be created by the famous German architect and sculptor.

Arno Breker (1900-1991)

Below is an early example of a Nazi memorial to honor the fallen.

What happened to the granite blocks after the war?

“The Ghetto Heroes Monument (Polish: pomnik Bohaterów Getta) is a monument in Warsaw, Poland, commemorating the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising of 1943 during the Second World War. It is located in the area which was formerly a part of the Warsaw Ghetto, at the spot where the first armed clash of the uprising took place.”


With the Third Reich  triumphant, the next phase of Hitler’s plan was the conquering of other worlds beyond Earth…But first, how do you keep under control the greatest Empire ever created under one flag?
Hitler’s scientists were ready for the most remarkable undertaking since man’s creation, to travel beyond the confines of the Earth.
The nations of this world needed to be kept in check first.
This would be done by erecting a fully armed weaponized space station.
If you have read part one of this post, you would have seen that American scientists thought a space station was impossible. (Stuff like this is why I talk shit about them. Fuck’em)

Ok kinda tired now, will have to continue this…

Part 3… Space is weaponized and the earth is now being monitored, the Nazis look to mine the moon of her resources adding a base and umm “Space Force.”

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