The Nazi Technology that Helped Rebuild America and Reshape the World. Part 4. (1946) – Students of the Hermetic Sciences
  • The Tribleflügel craft  is depicted in Captain America the first Avenger.

What you read here was just a portion of Hitler’s plan, to begin colonization of the Solar System and then the Galaxy. The Space Station, the Satellite, the Spy Satellite, the Space Shuttle, Space Planes and a “Death Star.”

Oh yeah, wait until I tell you guys about that one.

Hail Hydra!!

My question to the YouTube Moderators, who still find time to slither over here and block embedded videos…

Why is this Video below still up?!! It’s clearly a goddam lie.

So, you’d rather have our children believe in lies, than to tell them the truth?!

Because the Truth hurts your feelings?!

Fuck outta here.

But again, the Nazi Scientists were no smarter than our Scientists, it’s Dumb Shit like the video below, the Nazis didn’t have to deal with.

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