Knights of the Red Shield, Birth of the House of Rothschild (1874) – Students of the Hermetic Sciences

I hope our visitors love this post. See, even though this is my site, there are individuals, who still find time to come here from YouTube, to show me, that they can still cause trouble, by having videos, that I have embedded, blocked or deleted. So this post is my response to them. Enjoy.

Be sure you want to play with me. I love to play 🙂

Now people will say that the rumor, about Nathan Rothschild being at Waterloo in any way, shape or form, is Antisemitic.

“How does a crude racist smear endure for so long? More importantly, how has it survived as a supposed sub-plot of history – towards which even the most respected writers have felt obliged to nod – when it is one of those myths that, on being challenged with inconvenient facts, simply adjusts its form? For example, when it was finally accepted that Nathan Rothschild was definitely not at Waterloo, the story changed: the banker was in London, but had made elaborate preparations to get the news first, either by special messenger or pigeon post. An additional twist was added. Once he knew Wellington had won, Rothschild was said to have deliberately provoked a collapse of the stock market by spreading false rumours of a defeat, so allowing him to pick up shares at rock-bottom prices and double his profits later, after official news of the victory had sent the markets soaring…”

“Two hundred years on from Waterloo, then, not much is left of Satan’s tale. It’s just possible to see the factual elements upon which a vivid myth was built: Nathan Rothschild did have early information and it seems he did buy shares. But it was only by taking these facts out of their relatively humdrum context and adding a heap of falsehoods on top – relays of horses, storms in the channel, pigeon post, market manipulation – that a narrative of any interest was fashioned.

There is no doubt why that was done: to smear the Rothschilds and Jews generally. Perhaps this bicentenary year of Waterloo would be a good time to recognize that smear for what it is.”


My response to that Bullshit, Shill of an article…nice try though.

Yeah, Nathan Rothschild just had and used the carrier pigeons, but only to help other governments… Fuck Outta here.

Told you, dealing with skeptics and shills, is like dealing with card players, who try to bluff.  You can see why I can’t post daily, I can’t just “Google” and Post, because even though I have all of this information in my head, it’s useless unless I can prove it, and it requires going through the hundreds and hundreds of books like you see in the photo, but when I do, I make sure I can call their bluff.

And this is why I don’t have any fear from, so called Historians, Scientists and their Shill Satellites. 

They have to lie and I don’t.

I love calling their bluff.  LOL

This next page below (220)

This is the main reason Jews, especially Zionist Jews hate Christians, Europeans and especially Germans. (pre-Hitler)

 They (Jews) were always put into ghettos and were denied certain rights in many nations, but Europeans were the ones who really laid down the law…sorta-speak…and it’s these Europeans, with Germans at the top, Jews sought/seek their revenge.

So me being an American, we know that Zionists control our Congress, Presidents and our political leaders.

We Americans know this, but we say…”It’s true, you just can’t say it.” 

Seeing our leaders grovel at their (Zionists) feet, is sorta like I guess…poetic justice to them.

(And they revel in it.)

Let’s be fair, over the centuries they (Jews) have caused some serious trouble in these nations so, those nations got sick of it and shunned them. It wasn’t just because they were Jews…it’s what came with the name.

That’s both sides of the coin, the other-side you never hear about.

Below is a film from 1940 (The Rothschild’s Shares in Waterloo) pushed by Adolf Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda, Dr. Joseph Goebbels.

It is claimed, that the film is Antisemitic, but if this film, was made in 1940 then Dr. Goebbels was right about the pigeons getting Nathan Rothschild early information about Napoleons defeat, as my copies of the Jewish Encyclopedia are from 1916 and the Jews themselves admit to the story…as with other parts of the movie.

(Pigeon story 1:o9.00 mark)

The funny part about all of this is, in the 1990’s a guy I worked with told me this story and I pretty much laughed in his face… No, I mean I really laughed. It was the first time I had heard the name Rothschild. He told me about this guy sending his five sons across the globe to open up banks etc, etc and I laughed. LOL

If he sees this…  I apologize for being an ignorant asshole at the time.

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Andrea Vlasis
Andrea Vlasis
March 30, 2022 2:06 am

I have to read this on a computer, I heard about his Five sons ( Bankers) all map out to certain parts in EU. But I love history my dad started telling me things about Rockerfellars, Rothschilds he called them Jews Nazis my dad hates Jews Zionist . And he made that clear. The own the world .so I will continue to read up thank- you . Andrea

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