Chinese Children Discover their SuperPowers at “Jedi Camp” in the U.S. (2002) – Students of the Hermetic Sciences

China is one of the world leaders in developing and studying paranormal abilities in humans and especially children for Military and Industrial use,  American scientists scoff at paranormal abilities, people in power don’t.

What I mean is, those of you (myself included) who believe in the elitists who have access to information that the average citizen does not, you’re right. These people have such power and want to retain such power, so they cannot afford to deny the existence of anything that may give them an edge, even if it’s of an esoteric nature. Mainstream scientists can.

What Ive found is, corporate companies are funding and using these “Exceptionals,” in finding minerals, other rare resources and ancient technologies. 


So the Elites, push mainstream scientists, to say that none of this is real, all the while having these individuals (Exceptionals) on the payroll.

This is one of the reasons, I’m pro Military and Government agencies…C.I.A. etc.

If it wasn’t for them doing unbiased research, a lot of the materials I have seen, including  declassified documents, that were translated from Chinese, German, Russian, Czech etc. Would have been lost to me, and I would have been stuck with all this New Age Bullshit.

If you’re an American like me, and you wonder why I’m always talking shit about American scientists, this is just another reason added, to that already long list of why, I dislike them.

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