Nazi Germany planned to Drop Atomic Bombs on all Allied Nations from Space. (1945) – Students of the Hermetic Sciences

Well, well, well here we are again, busting American historians and scientists in another lie.

 Posting these is not even fun anymore, satisfying yes, but fun, no. It’s not fun because it’s not a challenge dealing with these academic frauds. Let’s do this.

After Peenemunde was bombed in August of 1943 by the Allies, thousands of Hitler’s scientists had been killed, wounded, or missing. A lot of the victims were families of the scientists who worked there, including women and children.
These scientists wanted revenge on the Allies, and especially against the Americans. A plan was devised to attack the United States and make them pay for the atrocities committed against them and the Third Reich… New York would be the first target.

(New York, because it was believed this is where Jews ran the world from, and because it was thought the Jews started the war as with the last one.)

The Allies ruled the skies in the last phases of WWII, and this was one of the reasons a conventional bomber could not deliver Germany’s newly developed atomic bombs.

The only way to deliver Hitler’s nukes would have to be out of the reach of  Allied planes, and that was above the earth itself. Hitler’s scientists began working to create and use suborbital spaceships that would descend on Allied targets and bomb them from space. (LOL, I know, right?)


There were two teams working on this project.

Each one with a different approach, but striving for the same goal…to build a orbital/suborbital bomber capable, traversing the edge of space, dropping its payload within hours to any spot on the globe and returning to Germany.

Team 1

Under the command of the Schutzstaffel

Nazi: Major-General Dr. Walter Robert Dornberger

(6 September 1895 – 27 June 1980)

SS Major: Dr. Wernher Magnus Maximilian Freiherr von Braun

(March 23, 1912 – June 16, 1977)

Team Two

Under the command of the Luftwaffe

Dr. Eugen Sänger

22 September 1905 – 10 February 1964

Dr. Irene Reinhild Agnes Elisabeth Sänger-Bredt

(24 April 1911 – 20 October 1983)

Now people will say that, “there was not enough technology in the 40’s for this project to work.” They’re only half right. Here in the United States we didn’t have that technology, but the Germans did.

You see, here in the States and especially after Albert Einstein arrived, we embraced theoretical physics. You write about projects in math, and you call it a day.

The Germans went from math to product. If it failed, they figured out why it failed and made it better. There was no dogma, no fear of backlash from new and radical ideas.

Did you read that? Before the final V-2 was ready for production 65,000 modifications had to be made.

American Scientists would have quit after about 6…no not 6000, or even 600, but 6.


“Engineers unduly  pessimistic…”  Von Braun’s team were referring to American Engineers.


A not so fun fact: The captured Nazi scientists, hated working with American scientists, and would often talk shit about the American scientists to their faces. LOL


The Germans were no smarter than our scientists.

Our scientists here in the States were, sloppy, lazy and biased…as with our Historians. A trait, they still admire and hold onto to this very day. SMH

So I’m enjoying this.


Hanna Reitsch (1912-1979)

14 years later (1959) Using Nazi technology and captured Nazi scientists, the United States, built Hitler’s space bomber…and it worked!

Below is a video of America’s  X-15 space plane, designed by some of the brightness minds from Nazi Germany.


What you will see is, what the 100 Nazi pilots would have seen as they entered their sub-orbital flights into space, and their reentry from space to release their atomic bombs over allied countries.

“Iron Sky is a 2012 FinnishGermanAustralian comic-science-fiction action film directed by Timo Vuorensola and written by Johanna Sinisalo and Michael Kalesniko It tells the story of a group of Nazi Germans who, having been defeated in 1945, fled to the Moon, where they built a space fleet to return in 2018 and conquer Earth. Iron Sky is one of the most expensive Finnish films.”

That movie had so much potential and could have been so much more, it had to be made into a comedy, to keep its creators from being called “Anti-Semites” and “revisionists.”

The fact is, the Nazis did plan for Moon and Martian bases and the colonization of the galaxy.


(To be posted in the future.)

(2:45 in) “…So again, there was no Nazi Space Program.”

Everyone in that video, is a straight shill.  FUCK!

You all know the motto of American Historians and Scientists:


“Fuck the Truth and the Facts be Damned!”

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