Our Faith confirms the Virgin Birth no matter what, but did Science Confirm it too in 1956? (1956) – Students of the Hermetic Sciences

I was telling a friend about this several years ago, and she said something, that I had never thought of.

She was kinda scared as she is a very religious person, (Catholic) and asked me if I thought that Satan’s son would come into the world this way?

She wondered if this is how the Anti-Christ would be born?

My thoughts: Through a “Virgin,” but by a corruption of human science…possibly engineered and not by Immaculate Conception as was Mary.

Would her daughter in the future give birth to him/it or possibly from another rare case of Parthenogenesis?

Before any of you scoff, I can tell you, I’ve read some science articles dating back several hundred years, that would seem impossible today. Only because said science is not mainstream or sanctioned for the public. Those stories will come later 😉

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