Mandatory Military Training from 18-21 (1947) – Students of the Hermetic Sciences

When I read this, I wished that this was voted into law no less than 20 years ago.

This would have made a big impact on our current generation. I look at the situation we are  in now, in dealing with this pandemic that is taking its toll on our country and the world.

If this Universal Military Training Program was the current law, the college kids would have followed the orders of social distancing and would not be the cause of more lives lost as it stands today. There would have been young people from the Universal Training Program, who would have helped to see that these rules were followed. (Less idiots vs more responsible people)

Instead of just looking out for themselves, the People from the Universal Military Training Program, would have made sure the children and the elderly, in their own neighborhoods were taken care of and looked in on regularly.

Instead we have thousands of “winners” like this…

We would have young people who could actually lead, if they were needed in a nation wide emergency, and be ready if they were called on a moments notice. They would use available technology to spread information and facts that the public would need and look for, but…There is no such training, so we have this.

This is our future, take a good long look.

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