Marvel’s Hydra was born from the Ashes of Nazi Germany’s History. (Hail Hydra!) 1965 – Students of the Hermetic Sciences





I’ve never really been a comic book fan. Most of the stories about superheroes, magic, and the supernatural, I usually wait until a movie that is based off of the book or comic comes out. The only exception is, if the book deals with real magick or supernatural events, those books, I will always prefer above all. 

There have been several instances where, I have been looking at a movie, tv show etc., about the supernatural and Ive found, it was actually based on real events in the ancient or mystical sciences. Starwars, Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter are prime examples.

The example, I’m giving today, will be something taken from the comics, and added to the MCU or Marvel Cinematic Universe.  In this post, we will be dealing with, the mythical terrorist organization, known as Hydra. The thing is, the Hydra organization from the comics and later movies and TV shows are actually based of the real life events of WWII and esoteric beliefs of the Nazi High command.

In case many of you are not really familiar with the origins of Hydra in the MCU, I found two videos on YouTube, that will shed a little insight before we begin.

After watching The Avengers, Captain America, Agents of Shield and all the rest, it struck me that the writers had based, nearly all of their concepts, off of Nazi and Japanese ideology and historical data from WWII.

So basically, it’s real history, turned into fiction, but unfortunately for the Marvel writers, I grew up with knowledge of the real Hydra, before I even heard of Marvel or knew what a comic book was.

It’s so funny because as I’m writing this post, I’m finally bingeing on a show, I had never seen, but heard about called Stranger Things, I just saw a scene, where a woman talks about a missing girl, with powers, who’s being trained and “used as a weapon to defeat the commies.” Also based on true events. BOOM! LOL


Anyway…What is a Hydra? (1940)

In WWII terminology, the Hydra, was a name given by the Allies to represent the Axis Powers, and it stood for all the resources of Nazi Germany and Japan. This included all soldiers from every branch of the military, 5th columnists in every land, and all Scientific Weapons and knowledge used in Hitlers and Japan’s War Machine. (Mussolini was a joke)



The Hydra has many heads all over the world.

Cut off one head and two more shall take its place!



This video below, is probably the greatest condensed version of the “true” creation story, that I have ever seen. Great Job to the creator. This story is what  all of the oldest Brotherhoods and all of the Ancient Magical lodges believe…Illuminati, True Masons etc. (I believe it)

Many ancient weapons of power left behind from these beings are still scattered all over the globe. American Historians and Scientists may scoff, but…their masters who hold the true power don’t.

Before Nazi Germany, there was The Black Dragon of Japan. (1878)



This is how many of the worlds Leaders get their Riches and Power.

As you’ve seen from some of the posts I’ve uploaded on this site, Hitler was deeply involved in the Ancient Science and things Occult. Like the Black Dragon of Japan, In Germany, there were the Ancient Lodges of Thule and F.O.G.C., that  were the hidden hand behind the Nazis.

(And a lot of the powerful people from all over the world.)



Science, the Immortal Head of the Hydra

A lot of German scientists, were Nazis, but some were not.  Just like any other scientists, they needed funding, and were not really interested in political matters, but only in Hitler approving financial aid for their projects, for which they gladly gave a “Heil Hitler!” (A.I.M)

On August 17, 1943, the Allies launched an assault on Peenemunde, Germany’s secret scientific base located on the Baltic sea. Some of the best scientific minds, in all of the Reich were housed here along with their family’s, where they created all of the Wunderwaffe for Hitler.

The V-1, V-2, V-3, V-7, Atomic Plans, Spaceship Plans and whatever else was there, that made women and children collateral damage in the allied raid. The code name for destroying this base was..

“Operation Hydra”

Nazi Concept of a Space station with 1945 technology

“American Scientists hardly bothered to laugh.”



Hail Hydra!!

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