Hitler Knew the Allied D-Day Invasion would be in Normandy, but his Generals didn’t believe him. (1946) – Students of the Hermetic Sciences

If you use an internet search engine and ask, “What was Hitler doing on D-day?”

You’ll see that American Historians say that, Hitler was sleeping all day and that his Generals were afraid to wake him up.

 As I said before, Hitler must always be made to look like a clown and an awful leader. The reason for this is, the German people must never ever know, who Hitler really was and what he tried to do for Germany, Austria, and not just those lands made up of Aryan Blood, but for the world.

This is the real reason for those “Anti-Semitic Laws.” Any competent researcher would find out the truth  about it all, if they were allowed to go against the current narrative given to them. (by force)

Hitler wasn’t sleeping (or jerking off) on D-Day, and in fact, he knew where the Allies would land…but his Generals didn’t believe him and took other actions against the Fuhrers plans.

Six weeks later, Hitler’s Generals will form a plot to assassinate him.

General Walter Warlimont(1894-1976)

Heinz Linge (1913-1980) Hitler's Valet

1955 interview

But…But…I thought it was Hitler, not listening to his Generals, is what lost him the war?

Remember the motto of American Historians and Scientists. “Fuck the Truth and the Facts be Damned.”

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