American Scientists offered One Billion dollars to German Scientists, to move their COVID-19 research to the United States. (WTF?!) – Students of the Hermetic Sciences

First of all let me say…I told you so!  🙂

I’ve been saying it for months now. people look at all the technology, that was born in only 12 years inside of Nazi Germany and say, ‘Oh how smart the Germans were.” This again, is not the case, as the Germans were no smarter than anyone who applied themselves to any subject.

The difference is, German scientists, as a whole strove to make themselves leaders in all the sciences, even before Hitler, they were always striving to make their country better. It wasn’t for monetary gain, but to raise the country up, to make better lives for their children, to push the boundaries of science itself, in all… “For the Fatherland.” 

We here in the States, if you can’t pay us, and want help, you’re shit outta luck.

The problem with that attitude is, we see only the monetary value in everything. Yeah, certain things may advance science, but if we can’t make money, it’s worthless to us.

The Russians not only beat us into space, but had about 14 or 15 firsts for space before we did. The Russian Scientists (like the Germans) were no smarter that we were, but it was Russian pride. We could see no monetary value in going into space back then. Yeah we landed on the moon first, just to say to Russia, “we did it before you,” not for any other reason, and it was the Nazis who got us there. LOL

Here we are, yet again…SMH

American scientists begging another country for help and even offering money. LOL WOW! No goddamn shame right?

Years of sloppiness, theoretical bullshit, not pursuing advances in science and medicine, unless it could fill your pockets with coin.

Thousands of people all across the globe are dying, we’ve got fancy schools, fancy labs, and a bunch of fancy names and titles, all for what?

So we can beg a foreign country for help, just so we can have a monopoly/patent on the possible cure, to make huge profits on the resale.

Are you fucking kidding me?

75 years later, and the Germans are still wiping our noses.

I’m going to say this, that cure, better be found by Americans in American labs.

If not, American Scientists you’re not gonna like, what I have to say…and post, after this epidemic is over and we’re a normal society again.

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