Allied and Nazi doctors confirm, Adolf Hitler was not ill, nor was he a drug addict. (1945) – Students of the Hermetic Sciences

Well, this is another case of American Historians lying to make sure, their paychecks keep coming.

As I said before (and will keep saying) to understand Germany from 1933-1945, you need to view it as if you were there. This is from original newspapers, magazines etc.

This cuts out all of the bullshit, which didn’t start to appear until America got in the War and the Zionists were able to rewrite History early on after the war.

If you look at all the original documents about WWII, you will see Historical facts start to do a 180 degree turn after the war.

As the years progressed, Hitler and the Germans were made to look like monsters, even though the Japanese atrocities were 1000 times worse, but not much said about that.

(Ask the Chinese, Koreans, and Filipinos their thoughts)

Hitler’s health is one of those subjects Historians love to lie about. As the years progressed after 1945, the Sicker and Crazier Historians made Hitler.

I think now in 2020, Hitler is a now a Meth Head, who screamed at himself in the mirror, wore a diaper, tried to bite people whenever they came near him, and made his German Shepard Blondi a General, in the SS. LOL

As you’ll see from the articles below, as told by Allied and Nazi doctors alike, Hitler did use drugs for certain symptoms, Hitler was not a drug addict, but was a hypochondriac. 

Hitler’s Mental and Emotional state were normal. Hitler’s Health was normal to above normal, other than his eardrums in the explosion from the bomb plot.

As I said before, Germany must never know the real Hitler and facts about WWII, as this will keep the German people docile, and in a cloud of unnecessary shame for centuries to come.

Why?, well…it involves, the Rothschild’s, Zionism, Palestine and a prophesied “Savior,” who is to come.  All in that order, Germany like Palestine, is just part of a bigger plan, but that’s another story. 😉 

See, this is what I’m talking about. The editor goes on to show, his disdain for Hitler, before he presents the facts.

The Smithsonian Channel Huh?

Didn’t the Smithsonian also say that, Hitler had no Space program?

By Now, you all know the motto of American Historians and Scientists:

“Fuck the truth and the facts be damned.”

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