Adolf Hitler designed the first underground airport (1958) – Students of the Hermetic Sciences

This was not the end, as it seems, “someone” read this article, just before it was meant to be published and suggested a slight change.

Remember, early on in this article, the construction of this structure, was nothing short of Genius from the mind of Adolf Hitler. A man who was supposed to be, half dead, wholly insane, drugged up and fucked up.

This is textbook on what I’ve been saying about articles and books etc., being published about Adolf Hitler. He must never ever be seen in a good light, even if it means lying on Hitler.


When an article about Adolf Hitler, that shows him in an honest light is given to a publisher,

this is what the author hears before he/she is forced to rewrite it.

Below is what happens next

The author understands this too.

************************You know the motto of American Historians and Scientists: “Fuck the truth and the facts be damned.”***********************
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