The World turns to Hitler’s Scientists, in hopes of Combating Global Warming (1938-2020) LOL – Students of the Hermetic Sciences

So, staying true to my word. I scour news articles, for lies told about Adolf Hitler and/or Science.

(Am I Anti-Semitic?- Top Page)

I came across this article published within the last couple of weeks.

Yeah I know, I can’t believe it either, but it gets better. There are only 3-4 webpages that I could find on this article. It looks like all the big names, Time, Newsweek, The Wall street Journal, Fox and all the rest, wouldn’t even cover it. We have people, trying work on dealing with climate change (whether you believe it exists or not) and it should have been a big story in science.

Then I remembered it’s about alternative fuels, and not really about climate change…ohhhh.


It doesn’t help either that the worlds leading scientists, 80 years later, still have to use the work of a bunch of dead Nazis. LOL..LOL

As I said before, those of you who are in Europe and surrounding lands, I understand that you really can’t say or publish too many truths, because of the Anti-Semitic laws. I mean who wants to be beaten, thrown in prison…or worse, just for telling the truth. If I were in your position, I know I’d do the same.

As you can see and have clearly seen on this site, American academics are in the same position, if they speak out or print the truth…career goes bye-bye.

Our scientists and historians are nothing more than slaves taking orders from their Masters. You have freedom here in the United States, and you choose slavery? 

Stop using the word, “Conspiracy Theory,” to make yourselves feel better.

You’re slaves, so remain silent like slaves.


If any of you are around my age, you’ll remember, the fuel crisis of the 1970’s, and the funny thing about that is, we turned to Hitler’s Scientists as well. LOL

We (United States) knew the Nazis used….

You know what, read it for yourselves.

For 82 years, we’ve known the far reaching uses and benefits, that Synthetic fuel could bring, but the science first “disappeared” with the fall of the Third Reich. It reappeared when in the 1970’s, when the world was in dire straights for oil, only to have the technology “disappear” again for a second time.

Here we are again in 2020… Looking at the minuscule coverage this news has had, my guess is, it will “disappear” again for another 80 years.

You all know the motto of American Historians and Scientists: “Fuck the Truth and the Facts be Damned!”

Hail Hydra!!

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