The Possible Zombie Apocalypse. – Students of the Hermetic Sciences

These pages Ive uploaded are from books in my possession on the old Sciences. They deal with a branch of Hermetics, dealing with ‘Reanimation” of dead or near dead bodies.(Animal and Human)

Believe it or not, souls can also change bodies, when its original body is near death. Yeah…Body Snatching.

One day I’d like to write about this branch of Hermetics, but now, I want to focus on something Ive been thinking about for years, but never put it to paper.

The Solar Science and the exchange of Vital Energy (Prana, Yang Chi etc.) are made possible by the Sun and it’s many, many properties, still unknown to modern science. Even though I have in my possession, a small group of suppresses articles on mainstream scientists using certain forms of this science, (My guess is, it was discovered by accident, because it’s a bastardized form of this science.) but not sharing it with the public. This seems to be a monetary reason on why it’s suppressed. (Isn’t it always?)

If it’s indeed possible to reanimate the dead as the ancients write about, (Even in all the Holy Books) using the power of the Sun and it’s secret properties, what happens if the entire Sun itself changes through say some… celestial phenomenon that cause  theses secret properties to manifest globally, making it ripe for reanimation of the dead on earth?

Only those newly dead and those, whose bodies have died of natural causes and not disease that destroys the internal organs.

This is from as I mentioned before on souls exchanging bodies, it may be the same for reanimation as well.

As I write this, I had almost forgot…Vampires are born this way…but that’s another story. 🙂


This form of reanimation would only last until the Sun set, and all of the Vital energy was drained from the newly reanimated corpses that night, like batteries draining until…LOL, until they’re dead.

Morning would always bring new horrors though.


10 cases of people who rose from the dead.



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