How I Got My Powers – Students of the Hermetic Sciences

I find myself writing this because it is not just necessary, but it’s also my responsibility. The world is full of people like myself, and like some of you. We carry and keep alive the ancient sciences and the old laws of this ancient science, as we have for thousands of years. The problem is that so many people seek the secrets of this old knowledge that has survived the great flood, that it has become a haven for frauds, posers, and thieves, trying to rob and lead astray those who seek the truth. I can’t have that.
The only way to separate these frauds from us is to put them and their lies back in the darkness where it belongs; it should be them lurking in the shadows and not us.
My entire life has been in service to this science, and I have been happy and content, keeping it to myself, but as I said, this knowledge has been corrupted by the humans in their never-ending quest for more coin.

I listen to a lot of late-night paranormal radio shows, and I’ve watched all of the TV documentaries about Aliens, Psychics, and the Paranormal too. and for some reason, these programs are always talking about, “what ifs.” For some reason, when remote viewers are on, selling their books, DVDs on how to, they can never perform themselves. You asked them, ‘hey, what do you see in the future?’ These individuals go several hundred years in the future or thousands of years into the past.
Ask A psychic what he or she sees, and you’ll get the same response.

Nearly everything that I have seen or heard on these programs, I read decades ago, nothing is new. Same questions, but still no answers…Why? It’s because solutions are not wanted, just asking, “what if,” is sufficient enough to keep the people interested.

The problem…these individuals are trying to infiltrate the Hermetic Sciences and the old Magic. That cannot happen. You want to run the Psychic scam, the Alien scam, the Remote Viewing Scam, and the lot…fine, but these individuals will not corrupt the Old Science.

It is my responsibility to keep the path clear, just as it has been clear for me for all these years.
To start, you need powers like mine to be able to perform the old sciences, aka the ancient magic. I have nearly Mastered the Magnetic Fluid.
The Magnetic Fluid and The Electric Fluid are what gives Mages, Witches, and the lot, their powers.

Since there were not many books here in the United States on helping me train over the years, I’ve had to rely on the books that were translated from Russian, German, French, Czech, Hindi, Chinese and Japanese. If it was written originally in English, the book came from England. The United States used to print great books on the old Sciences, but as I said before, the more popular this science became, the more Bullshit Books were published here in the States to capitalize.

The next time, someone asks you for money, to teach you about the ancient sciences, asked them to show you what they can do. If you hear anything other than, “O.K., the person is a fraud. If they can ask for money, then they can show you what they can do.


The only other individual on the planet (That I know of)that has the same powers that I do is a man from Japan named Kanzawa Sensei. While I trained long and hard to get my powers, he says that he heard an explosion in his head one night and knew he had these powers.

As I said before, I’ve had to rely on foreigners for my knowledge and to point me in the right direction in my training, while I believe in magic, which is nothing more than the old sciences of the ancients. I’ve been trying to find out what relationship, do my powers have with modern science, what is the name of the Magnetic Fluid in modern physics? This is what I need to find out. I believe it’s dark energy, but I want to be sure.

I’ve been watching YouTube videos on Kanzawa Sensei since 2006, but these videos were only in the Japanese language, and it took another five years to get a video in English. Sucked Royally… Remember, the only individual, who I knew of with powers like mine,was kanzawa sensei.

Stan Lee’s Superhumans: (Beast Masters)Season 2, Episode 3 November 30, 2011

There is one thing that pissed me off about that episode. All the other people with no special powers, they hooked up to machines, did test etc. Kanzawa Sensei, they did none of that…WHAT THE HELL!!!

This is why all of my knowledge has had to come from foreign sources, because of constant fuckery here in the U.S. like this.

While Kanzawa Sensei uses the laogong points in the center of his hands to emit the Magnetic Fluid, I trained under the Ancient Hindu and Atlantean Systems, so I use my mind to Control and Manipulate the Magnetic Fluid..

The first video I uploaded to YouTube was of me “Bending” my birds.
I use the term “bending” as I’m a fan of The Last Airbender. Not to mention, this energy is associated with Air and Water.

As I was new to this and still learning, I would breathe loudly to listen to the rhythm of my breath.
When the birds started to go to sleep, I would clap to wake them up, to show that the sleep was not normal. It wasn’t until later that I learned that, as per the Hindu text, my breathing only energizes me, but my thoughts are what controls the Magnetic Fluid.

The other thing I’ve figured out over the years is, I’m not emitting this energy, I’m manipulating the natural energy(Magnetic Fluid) that surrounds all of creation. This is why I don’t like dealing with too much theoretical nonsense. So me having these powers, I can actually have first-hand knowledge of what this energy is, how it works, and all of the other possibilities for its use and, most important, what it’s relationship to modern physics is.

Video was done in 2012. Both Birds died in 2017.

Not sure if it was from the constant experiments or what.


One day,while I was editing a video of me “bending” my birds, I noticed something.

I noticed as I was staring at the video, I looked over and the birds, which were about 10-15 feet away from me, they were acting if I were bending them in real time.

I remembered from my studies in Russian, German and English physics that photos carry the same “signature” as its real counterpart and both are linked in time and space.

A brother suggested that I use a live video stream to see if I could put animals to sleep. I tried and it worked. I began to use my powers on live feeds and as the old sciences said, distance (Nor Time) was of any consequence. 


In the live video feeds, I left the commercials at the beginning of these videos(The ones that had them) This would help me figure out how long it would take me to bend an animal(s) before the next commercial.  It looks like the average time for to “bend” an animal, is about 6-10 minutes. This seems kinda long, so I figured that I need to charge up ahead of time, this should make my “Bending” experiments almost instantaneous in future projects.

The interesting thing about the time is, Kanzawa Sensei’s time is similar to mine. (Need to figure out why)


This next video, I think is in Sweden…or Japan…or…I can’t remember, but it is somewhere in the  world. LOL

I actually got a chance to ‘bend” some Alpacas like Kanzawa Sensei did in the Stan Lee’s superhumans episode.



(Not Sure what’s going on with my self hosted videos, but to get a clearer picture, use  picture in picture mode, if  you need too.)

(Right side of screen)

(Tap screen twice, for full screen)

This next video was a live feed of some squirrels in New York.


 This next video, I took a hidden camera inside a pet store to see if I could “bend” some finches. I like doing birds, because they are very nervous and animated creatures. It’s a less chance of some asshole trying to replicate this, using fraudulent methods. 

This next video happened by chance, while I was a work. It allowed me to see that I could use my powers at will, even when I wasn’t prepared.

This next video was of me “bending” a goat in Japan.

The first part is of me “bending” the goat, but the second part which is the same video, I layered the video with a a geometrical pattern of what I see when I use my powers.

That last video taught me something. It was after watching the goat video, that I realized something. I was actually creating portals in these environments.

Not “Wormholes,” but “Portals.”

Wormholes are theoretical openings in Space, that may or may not lead to another point in space, by a short cut. The way a worm eats its way through an apple, from one side to the other.

It’s what the humans call an Einstein-Rosen Bridge.

Reading the Chinese, Russian and German (Soviet and Nazis) Science Papers, what I seem to be doing is creating a portal or portals. The science on how this works, is what the humans call “Entanglement,”

It’s when related particles that are separated by time and space, but one can still affect the other.

An accurate representation would look like this.

Tell me, how the Fuck does Science get it wrong, but science fiction writers get it right!?


My Portals aren’t as cool as Blink’s, but same principle.

Wherever in time and space, I put my mind, I can distort the energy field there.


In this next video, which I think is in New York, I’m trying to “bend,” these pups in a pet store window.

Listening to this seven years later, my breathing sounds awful, but remember, I had no teacher or trainer, so everything has been from trial and error. 

Looking at this, I realized that, if there was a live stream on Mars or anywhere in the known Universe, I could manipulate the creatures there. (If there were any)

Which means, this energy travels faster than light.

It would take 81,000 years to traverse the 4.24 light years between Earth and Proxima Centauri.”

If this energy (Magnetic Fluid) was used, it would be nearly instantaneous. BOOM!

This next Video, I think is in Pennsylvania.

So remember, whatever I can focus on, I can create a Portal there, in any place I see, no matter where it is in Space or Time. (According to the Soviets and Nazis Scientists.)

This next video is probably my favorite, as I learned new information about the Magnetic Fluid. It can Manipulate Time.

Hard to believe I know, but if you’re Russian or German, you probably have heard the name of Professor Nikolai Aleksandrovich Kozyrev, Ph.D.

This man will one day be known as the”Father of Time Travel.”

Yes America, we’ve been beaten by the Russians in Science yet again. I mean lol, it’s no surprise, it just fucking sucks!

I’ve learned that I can look at videos of the past, that have been already recorded…go back in the past and Manipulate those Animals as well. Fucking Cool Right?!!

Anyway, if you have heard of the Nazi Bell, it was meant to manipulate this energy. I know where the Nazis got the tech from. Same as those Pavlita Generators, the same as the Kozyrev Mirrors, The Tepaphone etc. etc.

When you see the old video footage of the Nazis or Russians, in India, Tibet, Egypt or similar ancient places, they are/were looking for old technology from these areas.

All came from the Ancient books on Hermetics, the Old Science. Not to mention what I learned from the old Hermetic Books on this subject. This video was uploaded in 2014 and it’s not mine. I’ve never spoken to the up-loader and have had no contact with him/her or anyone in the comment section. I found the Video in 2016 and tried to see, if I could do it… It worked! Professor Kozyrev was right!!

I went back in the past two years and altered History and Reality. You know, that means David Icke was right too.  The irony is, part of the video is in the Russian language. LOL BOOM!!

I stopped 15 minutes in as I got tired. Ive been training since then and have learned to regulate my powers. ( I love saying that LOL)

One thing I noticed when I read the comment section in the above video. Someone mentioned the bird looking into the camera, as if it knew someone was watching.

Ive done a few experiments and since all  animals have a connection with nature, they can feel anomalies in the earth’s energy field. This is why, they know when it will rain, earthquakes and other coming cataclysms.

Take a look at this next video. I think the rabbit felt the energy, saw it or both.

I tried the experiment again, in the next video. There is a dog resting in her bed. She seems to be alone, but I wasn’t sure. I tried one of the experiments, that I read in one of the old Russian books on Telepathy.

I tried keeping my portal open, while trying to send sound through, to see I could get the dog’s attention. It looks like it became more annoyed than anything. It senses something and eventually gets up and goes outside staring at the backdoor, trying to figure out what the hell is going on inside the house. LOL

I think I was watching the Karate Kid (original) I like a lot of noise when I “bend,” it teaches me more focus.

This next video, I was practicing “Time Bending” again.

Video is from 2013 and I tried the “Time Bending in 2016, so I went back 3 years.

German Physicist Helmut Schmidt, Russian Astrophysicist Nikolai Alexandrovich Kozyrev and Russian Physicist Igor Dmitriyevich Novikovcan, these three men,have solved the problem of Time Manipulation.

1. Time is a form of energy,

2. This “Time Energy,” can be sped up or slowed down. 

3. You can go back and interact with the past, but you can’t change it.

4. Whatever you do in the past, is already known as history in the future.

5. This Time Energy can be manipulated by thought.

6. The Copenhhagen Interpretation is correct.

7.The Future can affect the past. (Retrocausation)

This next Video is me “bending” some Bulldog pups. Again looking at this video, I’m actually creating a portal in someone’s private home.


Another “time bending” video.

This video is from 2015, but I’m not sure, when I did this one.

The strangest thing about these “Time Bending” videos is, if you look in the comment section, no one is mentioning the strange behavior of the birds. The uploader neither, so I’m not sure, if there was another reality before this one that people saw or what…

I mean I expected something like: ‘They’re talking in their sleep.” “They’re both tired…ahh, so cute.” etc.

This next video is from Japan.

The Magnetic Fluid, behaves mostly as an Airy substance or Mist, but as it is related to Air and Water, it should be able to manifest as a Solid, as Water is to Ice.

The bird, I start to “bend” him after the first commercial ends and I try to “bend” him before the second commercial. This time I decided to see what happens, if I keep trying to “bend” him even after the second commercial starts.

Once the second commercial ends, I continue to “bend” the bird to see what would happen.

Something I learned about this energy is that, it is slow to dissipate. Even after I stop “bending” the energy is still there working until, until the occupied space becomes normal again. 

There is a word for this phenomenon, but I can’t remember it.

It looks like the longer I “bend” in one area, the more dense the Magnetic Fluid becomes. As you’ll see around ( 15:40) I’m not sure if the bird is choking, screaming, yawning or under some form of duress, before I finally force it to sleep.

This is significant because, the bird does not just slowly drift off to sleep, but is again under some form of duress and just gives up.

Princeton University Science Experiment Proves I can “Bend.”


I recommend that you watch the whole video, but the 7 minute section that I marked, I wanted you to focus on.

I was actually a participant in that experiment in 2014.

I was trying to figure out in every way possible that my powers were real.

I found the experiment online and followed the instructions.

The cool thing about it was, the experiment kept score on who’s mental power was the greatest.

I was so confident in my powers, that I used my brotherhood name. “11faustia11”


Out of the top 100 participants of 2014, My Power Level Ranked Number 3

Out of the Top 50 participants of 2014, My Power Level Ranked Number 3

In the top participants of all time since the experiment started in 2012-2014, My Power Level was Ranked Number 1.

The “Top Participants” were the people who were able to turn their powers on and off at the commands in the experiment. It required 4 sessions.

On Command, You had to focus, stop, focus, stop, focus, stop, until you were done. I think it took about 15-20 minutes. If you look at my videos, you’ll see my time frame for “bending” is about 10-15 minutes. So for me, the experiment was easy.

This is why I Ranked Number 1.

If you look the two people who beat me (nlopez and mizzuzspock)  in the Top 50 and Top 100 of 2014 are not ranked in the Top Participants as they only did 1 session.

This experiment is from 2014 and Ive been training since then and my powers have become a lot  stronger and more focused in the 5 years since then.

The funny part is the experiment is offline, but the only reason I have my clips is, when I did it, I did a screen capture to show a friend of mine. The experiment is long gone and I wouldn’t have had any proof.

It does seem (As I figured) that all beings have Power Levels, like in the Dragon Ball Z Universe

While my Power Level was 8 or over 8,000 (2014)

The Humans Power Level is 2 or 2,000

Like Marvel’s Agents of Shield or Sentinel Services, the Chinese as well as the Russians, have Paranormal Military Units, who do research and investigate individuals like the ones you will see below. 

These individuals (Exceptionals) if found to have genuine supernatural abilities, they become sponsored by the State. Research and all manner of experiments are done to see how their powers work in relationship to mainstream science and physics.

The photos below were taken from a high speed camera that took 400 frames per second. This was done in a lab in the mid 90’s, so it was high tech for its time.

The frames show Zhang Baosheng, teleporting pills from a sealed bottle. The pills are counted before and after by researchers. The camera catches the pills as they are teleported through the bottle.

I have all the science papers that Chinese researchers did on him. It took me nearly 25 years to get my hands on it, so I want to do a separate post on this “Superman,” with all the experiment photos.

Like the Russians, the Chinese are merging this tech with modern science to create new types of tech called “Psychotronics,” the merging of mind and machine.

Whatever this energy is, the Russians and Chinese are trying to discover alternative ways to make new weapons, energy sources etc.

The photo below is of two Sisters, who’s progress I’ve followed over the years. They are Teleporters, who can read minds and produce other phenomenon.

Just like Zhang Baosheng, the sisters caught the attention of China’s Paranormal Military Team.

You can see as a high speed camera catches the pills as one of the sisters (adults then) teleports them from a sealed bottle in a Military Lab.

These next photos are from something that happened to me in 2016. I carry all of my keys around my neck…work..home etc.

It’s because my mind is so full constantly, that it’s always trying to get me to do multiple things at one time. My wallet has a chain on it as well. All of this is to keep me from losing these items. Laying them down, a thought comes up and I walk away forgetting them. This happened so many times, that I had to do the tethers.

One night while I was working, I had to unlock something, I reached for the the keys around my neck to find the one I needed. As I noticed a brand new key chain that a friend had brought me from Canada was stuck on the outside my shirt.

I was kinda upset because she had just given it to me. So I looked at my feet and around on the floor to see if I could see it…nothing. So I looked on the inside of my shirt to unhook the broken chain…but…it wasn’t broken. I looked on the outside of the shirt and the medallion that said Canada was still there.

I looked on the inside of my shirt and the key chain was still hooked to my other keys…. I looked on the outside of my shirt again and the medallion that said Canada was there and it was still hooked to my keys…through my shirt. It wasn’t broken. I began trying to find some explanation of what was happening and what I was looking at.

In some way, shape or form the the Canadian medallion teleported through my shirt.

I continued to work and used my keys as best as I could without disturbing the shirt until I got home in which I then took photos.

Outside of shirt.

Inside of my shirt and chain is still connected to my bunch of keys.

Some kinda way, that Canadian medallion  went through the shirt with out breaking the link, connected to my other keys that were around my neck.

Do I remember anything out of the ordinary for that day? No… As I said before, I just work and come home to get ready for the next day and this is what my mind is mostly focused on.

The only thing I remember was thinking about the two sisters above. I was reading the science papers on their powers. Other than that, I got nothing.


Yes, I’ve tried to teleport objects, but nothing. Whatever happened that night, the only thing Ive learned is, I may have this capability…but Russia and China are thousands of miles away, so unless I figure it out for myself….I’m shit outta luck.

More to come

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