How I Got My Powers: Part IV – Students of the Hermetic Sciences

Princeton University Science Experiment Proves I can “Bend.”


I recommend that you watch the whole video, but the 7 minute section that I marked, I wanted you to focus on.

I was actually a participant in that experiment in 2014.

I was trying to figure out in every way possible that my powers were real.

I found the experiment online and followed the instructions.

The cool thing about it was, the experiment kept score on who’s mental power was the greatest.

I was so confident in my powers, that I used my brotherhood name. “11faustia11”

Out of the top 100 participants of 2014, My Power Level Ranked Number 3

Out of the Top 50 participants of 2014, My Power Level Ranked Number 3

In the top participants of all time, out of the 5,000 people all over the world, who participated since the experiment started in 2012-2014, My Power Level was Ranked Number 1.


The “Top Participants” were the people who were able to turn their powers on and off at the commands in the experiment. It required 4 sessions.

On Command, You had to focus, stop, focus, stop, focus, stop, until you were done. I think it took about 15-20 minutes. If you look at my videos, you’ll see my time frame for “bending” is about 10-15 minutes. So for me, the experiment was easy.

This is why I Ranked Number 1.

If you look the two people who beat me (nlopez and mizzuzspock)  in the Top 50 and Top 100 of 2014 are not ranked in the Top Participants as they only did 1 session.

This experiment is from 2014 and Ive been training since then and my powers have become a lot  stronger and more focused in the 5 years since then.

The funny part is the experiment is offline, but the only reason I have my clips is, when I did it, I did a screen capture to show a friend of mine. The experiment is long gone and I wouldn’t have had any proof.

It does seem (As I figured) that all beings have Power Levels, like in the Dragon Ball Z Universe

While my Power Level was 8 or over 8,000 (2014)

The Humans Power Level is 2 or 2,000


Like Marvel’s Agents of Shield or Sentinel Services, the Chinese as well as the Russians, have Paranormal Military Units, who do research and investigate individuals like the ones you will see below. 

These individuals (Exceptionals) if found to have genuine supernatural abilities, they become sponsored by the State. Research and all manner of experiments are done to see how their powers work in relationship to mainstream science and physics.


The photos below were taken from a high speed camera that took 400 frames per second. This was done in a lab in the mid 80’s, so it was high tech for its time.

The frames show Zhang Baosheng, teleporting pills from a sealed bottle. The pills are counted before and after by researchers. The camera catches the pills as they are teleported through the bottle.

I have all the science papers that Chinese researchers did on him. It took me nearly 25 years to get my hands on it, so I want to do a separate post on this “Superman,” with all the experiment photos.

Like the Russians, the Chinese are merging this tech with modern science to create new types of tech called “Psychotronics,” the merging of mind and machine.

Whatever this energy is, the Russians and Chinese are trying to discover alternative ways to make new weapons, energy sources etc.

The photo below is of two Sisters, who’s progress I’ve followed over the years. They are Teleporters, who can read minds and produce other phenomenon.

Just like Zhang Baosheng, the sisters caught the attention of China’s Paranormal Military Team.

You can see as a high speed camera catches the pills as one of the sisters (adults then) teleports them from a sealed bottle in a Military Lab.

These next photos are from something that happened to me in 2016. I carry all of my keys around my neck…work..home etc.

It’s because my mind is so full constantly, that it’s always trying to get me to do multiple things at one time. My wallet has a chain on it as well. All of this is to keep me from losing these items. Laying them down, a thought comes up and I walk away forgetting them. This happened so many times, that I had to do the tethers.

One night while I was working, I had to unlock something, I reached for the the keys around my neck to find the one I needed. As I noticed a brand new key chain that a friend had brought me from Canada was stuck on the outside my shirt.

I was kinda upset because she had just given it to me. So I looked at my feet and around on the floor to see if I could see it…nothing. So I looked on the inside of my shirt to unhook the broken chain…but…it wasn’t broken. I looked on the outside of the shirt and the medallion that said Canada was still there.

I looked on the inside of my shirt and the key chain was still hooked to my other keys…. I looked on the outside of my shirt again and the medallion that said Canada was there and it was still hooked to my keys…through my shirt. It wasn’t broken. I began trying to find some explanation of what was happening and what I was looking at.

In some way, shape or form the the Canadian medallion teleported through my shirt.

I continued to work and used my keys as best as I could without disturbing the shirt until I got home in which I then took photos.

Outside of shirt.

Inside of my shirt and chain is still connected to my bunch of keys.


Some kinda way, that Canadian medallion  went through the shirt with out breaking the link, connected to my other keys that were around my neck.

Do I remember anything out of the ordinary for that day? No… As I said before, I just work and come home to get ready for the next day and this is what my mind is mostly focused on.

The only thing I remember was thinking about the two sisters above. I was reading the science papers on their powers. Other than that, I got nothing.


Yes, I’ve tried to teleport objects, but nothing. Whatever happened that night, the only thing Ive learned is, I may have this capability…but Russia and China are thousands of miles away, so unless I figure it out for myself….I’m shit outta luck.

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Jason k
Jason k
March 21, 2021 1:54 am

Have you stumbled upon any new information, it seems information is always there however we are not always ready for it, fear blocks our awareness of it.

Last edited 1 year ago by Jason k
December 12, 2021 7:51 pm

I want to see an experiment by you on people

March 24, 2022 9:37 pm

I think that using the term “teleport” is not as accurate . I would call it “Phasing through objects”

Last edited 1 month ago by Skan8
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