How I Got My Powers: Part III – Students of the Hermetic Sciences

This next video is probably my favorite, as I learned new information about the Magnetic Fluid. It can Manipulate Time.

Hard to believe I know, but if you’re Russian or German, you probably have heard the name of Professor Nikolai Aleksandrovich Kozyrev, Ph.D.

This man will one day be known as the”Father of Time Travel.”

Yes America, we’ve been beaten by the Russians in Science yet again. I mean lol, it’s no surprise, it just fucking sucks!

I’ve learned that I can look at videos of the past, that have been already recorded…go back in the past and Manipulate those Animals as well. Fucking Cool Right?!!

Anyway, if you have heard of the Nazi Bell, it was meant to manipulate this energy. I know where the Nazis got the tech from. Same as those Pavlita Generators, the same as the Kozyrev Mirrors, The Tepaphone etc. etc.

When you see the old video footage of the Nazis or Russians, in India, Tibet, Egypt or similar ancient places, they are/were looking for old technology from these areas.

All came from the Ancient books on Hermetics, the Old Science. Not to mention what I learned from the old Hermetic Books on this subject. This video was uploaded in 2014 and it’s not mine. I’ve never spoken to the up-loader and have had no contact with him/her or anyone in the comment section. I found the Video in 2016 and tried to see, if I could do it… It worked! Professor Kozyrev was right!!

I went back in the past two years and altered History and Reality. You know, that means David Icke was right too.  The irony is, part of the video is in the Russian language. LOL BOOM!!

I stopped 15 minutes in as I got tired. Ive been training since then and have learned to regulate my powers. ( I love saying that LOL)

One thing I noticed when I read the comment section in the above video. Someone mentioned the bird looking into the camera, as if it knew someone was watching.

Ive done a few experiments and since all  animals have a connection with nature, they can feel anomalies in the earth’s energy field. This is why, they know when it will rain, earthquakes and other coming cataclysms.

Take a look at this next video. I think the rabbit felt the energy, saw it or both.

I tried the experiment again, in the next video. There is a dog resting in her bed. She seems to be alone, but I wasn’t sure. I tried one of the experiments, that I read in one of the old Russian books on Telepathy.

I tried keeping my portal open, while trying to send sound through, to see I could get the dog’s attention. It looks like it became more annoyed than anything. It senses something and eventually gets up and goes outside staring at the backdoor, trying to figure out what the hell is going on inside the house. LOL

I think I was watching the Karate Kid (original) I like a lot of noise when I “bend,” it teaches me more focus.

This next video, I was practicing “Time Bending” again.

Video is from 2013 and I tried the “Time Bending in 2016, so I went back 3 years.

German Physicist Helmut Schmidt, Russian Astrophysicist Nikolai Alexandrovich Kozyrev and Russian Physicist Igor Dmitriyevich Novikovcan, these three men,have solved the problem of Time Manipulation.

1. Time is a form of energy,

2. This “Time Energy,” can be sped up or slowed down. 

3. You can go back and interact with the past, but you can’t change it.

4. Whatever you do in the past, is already known as history in the future.

5. This Time Energy can be manipulated by thought.

6. The Copenhhagen Interpretation is correct.

7.The Future can affect the past. (Retrocausation)


This next Video is me “bending” some Bulldog pups. Again looking at this video, I’m actually creating a portal in someone’s private home.

Another “time bending” video.

This video is from 2015, but I’m not sure, when I did this one.

The strangest thing about these “Time Bending” videos is, if you look in the comment section, no one is mentioning the strange behavior of the birds. The uploader neither, so I’m not sure, if there was another reality before this one that people saw or what…

I mean I expected something like: ‘They’re talking in their sleep.” “They’re both tired…ahh, so cute.” etc.

This next video is from Japan.

The Magnetic Fluid, behaves mostly as an Airy substance or Mist, but as it is related to Air and Water, it should be able to manifest as a Solid, as Water is to Ice.

The bird, I start to “bend” him after the first commercial ends and I try to “bend” him before the second commercial. This time I decided to see what happens, if I keep trying to “bend” him even after the second commercial starts.

Once the second commercial ends, I continue to “bend” the bird to see what would happen.

Something I learned about this energy is that, it is slow to dissipate. Even after I stop “bending” the energy is still there working until, until the occupied space becomes normal again. 

There is a word for this phenomenon, but I can’t remember it.

It looks like the longer I “bend” in one area, the more dense the Magnetic Fluid becomes. As you’ll see around ( 15:40) I’m not sure if the bird is choking, screaming, yawning or under some form of duress, before I finally force it to sleep.

This is significant because, the bird does not just slowly drift off to sleep, but is again under some form of duress and just gives up.

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February 20, 2021 12:38 am

Brother, I am not sure whether you simpy lost it or you know something that we normies do not, I am just at step 3 at IIH and this is way above my wildest dreams. No offense by the way, just simply saying I am out of your league here.

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