How I Got My Powers: Part II – Students of the Hermetic Sciences

One day,while I was editing a video of me “bending” my birds, I noticed something.

I noticed as I was staring at the video, I looked over and the birds, which were about 10-15 feet away from me, they were acting if I were bending them in real time.

I remembered from my studies in Russian, German and English physics that photos carry the same “signature” as its real counterpart and both are linked in time and space.

A brother suggested that I use a live video

stream to see if I could put animals to sleep. I tried and it worked. I began to use my powers on live feeds and as the old sciences said, distance (Nor Time) was of any consequence. 


In the live video feeds, I left the commercials at the beginning of these videos(The ones that had them) This would help me figure out how long it would take me to bend an animal(s) before the next commercial.  It looks like the average time for to “bend” an animal, is about 6-10 minutes. This seems kinda long, so I figured that I need to charge up ahead of time, this should make my “Bending” experiments almost instantaneous in future projects.

The interesting thing about the time is, Kanzawa Sensei’s time is similar to mine. (Need to figure out why)

This next video, I think is in Sweden…or Japan…or…I can’t remember, but it is somewhere in the  world. LOL

I actually got a chance to ‘bend” some Alpacas like Kanzawa Sensei did in the Stan Lee’s superhumans episode.


This next video was a live feed of some squirrels in New York

This next video, I took a hidden camera inside a pet store to see if I could “bend” some finches. I like doing birds, because they are very nervous and animated creatures. It’s a less chance of some asshole trying to replicate this, using fraudulent methods. 

This next video happened by chance, while I was a work. It allowed me to see that I could use my powers at will, even when I wasn’t prepared.

This next video was of me “bending” a goat in Japan.

The first part is of me “bending” the goat, but the second part which is the same video, I layered the video with a a geometrical pattern of what I see when I use my powers.

That last video taught me something. It was after watching the goat video, that I realized something. I was actually creating portals in these environments.

Not “Wormholes,” but “Portals.”

Wormholes are theoretical openings in Space, that may or may not lead to another point in space, by a short cut. The way a worm eats its way through an apple, from one side to the other.

It’s what the humans call an Einstein-Rosen Bridge.

Reading the Chinese, Russian and German (Soviet and Nazis) Science Papers, what I seem to be doing is creating a portal or portals. The science on how this works, is what the humans call “Entanglement,”

It’s when related particles that are separated by time and space, but one can still affect the other.

An accurate representation would look like this.

Tell me, how the Fuck does Science get it wrong, but science fiction writers get it right!?


My Portals aren’t as cool as Blink’s, but same principle.

Wherever in time and space, I put my mind, I can distort the energy field there.


In this next video, which I think is in New York, I’m trying to “bend,” these pups in a pet store window.

Listening to this seven years later, my breathing sounds awful, but remember, I had no teacher or trainer, so everything has been from trial and error. 

Looking at this, I realized that, if there was a live stream on Mars or anywhere in the known Universe, I could manipulate the creatures there. (If there were any)

Which means, this energy travels faster than light.

It would take 81,000 years to traverse the 4.24 light years between Earth and Proxima Centauri.”

If this energy (Magnetic Fluid) was used, it would be nearly instantaneous. BOOM!

This next Video, I think is in Pennsylvania.

So remember, whatever I can focus on, I can create a Portal there, in any place I see, no matter where it is in Space or Time. (According to the Soviets and Nazis Scientists.)

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