The U.S. tries to catch up with Russia and China in studying the Paranormal for Military Use. “Project Stargate” (1976) – Students of the Hermetic Sciences

In this post, is one of the earliest articles on the United States Government’s research into the use of paranormal phenomenon for Military use. The article states, that it began in 1972 and this article was published in 1976, so the information is fresh and straightforward. This cuts out all of the bullshit, that’s usually added to the newer articles on this subject, to sell books, airtime and likes on social media, as the years have progressed and such information has become profitable.

The researchers, you will read about here, are long gone…I don’t mean in death, (Some have passed on) but I was actually interested in what I read here.  I think, it was the fact that for once, I could actually read serious study on the Paranormal by American Researchers!

As I sit here and type this, I look back over my shoulder, I have a bookshelf with reference books that I go through often.  These books are translated from Russian, German, French, Chinese and Hindi. The books that are in original English are from England as England has a rich history of their scientists studying the paranormal. The newest is from 1978 and the oldest 1724 (All originals)

The fact is here in America, we don’t produce decent information anymore because, if this is how you make a living, you gotta outdo the next person to make sure you stay relevant. You have to make up shit, lie, stretch the truth or whatever you want to call it, to get that next paycheck.

After this project became declassified, every asshole and his brother could remote view, wrote books on remote viewing, claiming there were other projects they worked on, taught classes on how to remote view, went on TV and radio shows and when asked to prove their claims, these motherfuckers, claimed to remote view thousands of years in the past or hundreds of years in the future…(really?)

You can even tell in this old article vs today’s bullshit. The modern articles are mostly on the Remote viewing aspect of “Stargate.” In this article, you have people allegedly, slowing down time, information moving faster that light, a possible new physics etc. As I said before, you have to publish quick and often to stay relevant, that means serious research goes bye-bye for the cash grab.

Me: I grew up with all of this, so even though, I don’t have ads or sponsors, I actually love what I do, paid or not, so I don’t have to lie and can give you guys premium content with facts, that makes debunkers and shills tremble..LOL

While we still have a ways to catch up with the Russians and Chinese, articles like this give me hope that, even though the project was officially cancelled, the U.S. Military has and will keep up with this research.


(Video Below) In 1995 the World finds out about “Project Stargate” and the U.S. use of Paranormal Spies after funding is cut and the project cancelled.

(I remember watching this.)

Video is only 20 minutes, person that uploaded it, didn’t do an edit.

A transcript of the above Nightline Story from the C.I.A Archives

[pdf-embedder url=””] 

You know, this post is probably the first (and last) time, I can’t talk shit about American Scientists.

These guys actually worked for the sake of research. [Wipes Tears Away]

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