Tesla’s Wireless Technology has existed since 1891, perfected in 1959, so where is it in 2020?? (1959) – Students of the Hermetic Sciences

I did it Bitches!!

Below is an article from 1947

I have several original interviews by Nikola Tesla, while he was alive. The clip below, is from one of those, concerning his wireless experiments in 1899.

As I said, nothing is new.

There are the three reasons Technology is held back or suppressed.

1)It’s either held back until large profits can be made on a regular basis, by some huge corporation that controls the Technology.

2) Controlled by the Military for use in Warfare.

3) Hidden by the Elite, to keep one step ahead of the rest of Humanity.


  The Military, I understand, but the other two…Nope.


The Elite hire their so-called ‘Scientists” and “Historians” to tell us what we should know…and only what we should know. What Technologies, that are allowed to be known to the public and how much of it.

As I said before, to you Historians and Scientists, I understand that you have to follow orders or else. That S-Class you’re paying on, another kid going to college, your vacation in Cancun and those steady promotions. Hey, I know, it’s a lot to lose.  So he need to be a lot kinder to those of us, who seek the truth, because when the truth does come out, you’ll have nowhere to go.

 Think about all of the History and Science, I’ve uploaded here, that you told us was a Myth…Conspiracy…and it was all true. You people are full of shit…and you know it.


Meh, maybe I’m just jealous. I’d love to be an American Historian or Scientist, sitting in a cozy office all day long, just making up shit. Nice.


One more thing before I go…

I know how, Trolls, Shills, Scientists, and Historians work. (All four names are interchangeable)


And people wonder why, I come off as an asshole. It’s because I’ve read hundreds and hundreds of articles like this, and I’m over it.

It’s because I’m constantly looking at supposed new technologies on the News, in Modern History or Science Books and I know for a fact that these technologies have existed for several  decades…and in some cases centuries.

It’s annoying!

So this Tesla Tech was supposed to power a Helicarrier huh? I know what you’re all thinking, too much Marvel right?


Former AZ Governor Fife Symington on witnessing the Phoenix Lights

While I do believe in Extraterrestrial Life, I believe this Craft, was one of ours, that had a malfunction. It had to belong to the Secret Space Program…but that’s another story 🙂

If you were to look through this site, you will see the articles, Ive uploaded about the Nazi Technology we acquired after WWII.

(Still so much more to come.)

You’ll see that, it was the United States Military, that got the bulk of this Nazi Tech. Yes, some fell into the hands of private companies, but the vast majority the Military got. (Thank God)

 Theoretical Cocksuckers, can spin to us…”we didn’t/don’t have the tech to do this and that and  Einstein’s Theory said this and that.”

The United States Military can’t afford to live on dogma and Bullshit theories.

This is why, they put  Hitler’s Scientists, ahead of our own.

Theoretical Science, will never beat Pure Science.

Just look at History from 1933-1945

well, time to go. I treated myself to Chinese tonight and I’m pretty hungry. Make sure you click on the link below, as it tells you why, I don’t use the internet for my research or whether I hate or like someone, my opinion is never biased in regarding my research on them.

Speaking of Einstein, the reason Tesla never won the Nobel Prize in Science, is because he called Albert Einstein a fraud. He told the world, “The Emperor has no Clothes.”


By now, you all know the Motto of American Historians and Scientists.

“Fuck the Truth and the Facts be Damned.”

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