Soviets Capture, Hitler’s Omega Level Telepaths. “Exceptionals” (1955) – Students of the Hermetic Sciences

What you’re about to read, is a rare article into the secret workings by Hitler, the Nazis and the Soviets in their quest to utilize the special powers that certain individuals walking amongst us have. “Exceptionals”

This article is also significant, because it debunks the “shills” and so called debunkers who claim that, the soviets didn’t start their paranormal research until the mid 60’s. and that none of it worked.

We have heard about the LSD experiments, MK-Ultra and Manchurian Candidates here in the United States, but that was/is child’s-play to what the Nazis and the Russians had…have?



The page below is taken from a rare book in my possession on the Russian study of Telepathy and the  Powers of the Mind. We are talking real individuals (Exceptionals) who could use the “Force Grip” to injure humans, Individuals who were able to implant images and thoughts inside the mind of other humans. If you look at the page I scanned, you will see the dates of the mentioned experiments were done in the early 20’s and Ive seen some from the 1800’s.

“Turkish ministry report suggests psychic assassins using telepathy could be responsible for ‘mysterious’ deaths of four young engineers” (2013)


Why did/do the Nazis and Russians excel in this research?

They did/do it for the sake of research in gaining the upper hand in a new science, nothing more, nothing less.  We here in the U.S., do it for money, fame and to debunk, which also goes into money and fame. This is why we are at least 100 years behind the Russians and our research, is so fucked up…not my opinion, but fact.

This is why I’m constantly talking shit about our Scientists (Non-Military)and Historians.

You already know the motto of American Historians and Scientists. “Fuck the Truth and the Facts be Damned.”

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