Pharmaceutical Kingpin admits drugs will be made to Break and Control the Human Will. (1961) – Students of the Hermetic Sciences

Oh, but we’re the “Tinfoil Hat Conspiracy Theorists.”

Dr.Harry Beckman (August 14, 1892 — September 16, 1981)

I read this article some years back, and 60 years later this dude has continued to keep his word.

Remember the crack epidemic of the 90’s?

(You had to see it to believe it) and now the Opioids epidemic of the 2000’s.

The constantly advertised pills and drinks, to wake up, to get an erection, to go to bed, to wake up, to get an erection again, to be able to make it through the work or school day, to calm yourself down after the work day and school day.

Sure Money is one of the major factors, but there has to be another reason why, they are focusing on making us docile and keeping us in a constant semi dream-state.


That’s what the YouTube moderators yell, when they see a video that exposes a hidden Truth, before they ban you.

“I got one that can see!!”  LOL


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